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  • TRIPLE K 580 Ammunition Carrier 20 Round 300 Winchester Magnum - 375 H&H.

    The Triple K 580 Ammunition Carrier holds a complete box of rifle shells, or 20 cartridges. The plastic insert keeps your cartridges separate and safe while you're tracking game, or cleaning your rifle.

    • ASIN: B07HJ3XXJ6
    • Brand: TRIPLE K
    • ASIN: B07HJ3XXJ6
    • UPC: 730745058010
    • Part No: 5801

  • Real Avid Bore Boss .30Cal/.308Cal/7.62mm - Clean Storing, Pull Through, Bore Cleaning System

    The small, clean storing, and self-contained bore boss should be kept in your gun case or range bag to make taking care of your gun a whole lot easier. Quickly flip open the case, feed the cable through the bore, clip to the ergonomic handle and pull the bore boss through your bore. Ultra-tough and ultra-portable, the bore boss is meant to go wherever your gun goes. Let's face it-cleaning your gun can be downright pesky and the last thing you want to do after a cold afternoon in the mountains, a muddy morning in the swamp, or a Dusty day on the range. Take the mess and hassle out of cleaning and use the bore boss each time before you throw your gun in its case to reduce fouling buildup and to ensure your firearm is ready to perform. Welcome to the new era of gun cleaning, this is modern gun maintenance. The bore boss is a single caliber pull through cleaning solution. Please select the caliber specific to your firearm above.

    • ASIN: B01MR2EZ79
    • Brand: Real Avid
    • ASIN: B01MR2EZ79
    • UPC: 813119012273
    • Part No: AVBB308

  • Hornady 546352 Series I 2-Die Set, 300 Winchester Magnum

    Custom-grade rifle dies begin as specially selected steel that's hand-inspected both before and after it's delivered. The steel is then Heat-Treated to ensure the durability needed to provide a lifetime of reloading. Then the inside surface of each sizing die is carefully hand-polished to a mirror finish. The result is a die so smooth, guaranteed to never scratch a case. Before Assembly, every part of every die is hand-inspected and a protective coating is applied to prevent moisture damage during shipping. The result is the most advanced reloading die set available today. Elliptical expander significantly reduces the friction and case-neck stretch associated with other expanders. It threads on so it can't pull loose and eliminates the need for a separate expander die for "necking-up up" to the next larger caliber. Sliding, in-line seating system assures in-line benchrest alignment of every bullet seated. The sliding sleeve vertically pre-aligns the bullet with the case-neck as they enter the die body. As the cartridge is raised, the bullet contacts the floating steel seating stem and is kept in perfect alignment as it's being seated. Every custom-grade new dimension die set comes in a convenient box which lets you store fully adjusted dies, lock-n-load bushings, shell holders an...

    • ASIN: B000PCZZ1M
    • Brand: Hornady
    • ASIN: B000PCZZ1M
    • UPC: 090255563528
    • Part No: 546352

  • Caldwell Mag Plus Recoil Shield (Ambidextrous)

    The PAST Mag Plus Shield is designed to provide the same unparalleled recoil protection as the original Mag Shield but features a larger surface area. The heart-shaped design expands the recoil absorption area, extending protection to the upper arm. This quality is especially valuable in those cases when the rifle or shotgun is not shouldered perfectly. The size and shape of the Mag Plus Shield creates the perfect combination of function and comfort. This time-tested design has become a favorite for shooters around the world. The shield's " thick energy-absorbing pad provides excellent protection for calibers ups to 300 Winchester Magnum. Specifications: - Weight: 6 ounces - Handage: Ambidextrous

    • ASIN: B0013R8J48
    • Color: Unknown
    • Brand: Caldwell
    • ASIN: B0013R8J48
    • UPC: 054118002500
    • Part No: 310010

  • LimbSaver 10808 AirTech Precision-Fit Recoil Pad for Benelli, Ithaca, Remington, Ruger, and Winchester Models

    Reducing felt recoil by up to 70 percent, the customized LimbSaver AirTech Precision-Fit Recoil Pad is designed to specifically fit a variety of rifles, shotguns, and muzzleloaders. LimbSaver's AirTech line features atmospheric chambers that produce a substantial increase in performance through uniform energy dissipation, and it incorporates anti-muzzle jump technology for faster target re-acquisition. The recoil pad enables you to shoot longer without discomfort and bruising, while also helping to increase accuracy of follow-up shots and provide improved control for maximum stability. It's made from LimbSaver's proprietary NAVCOM technology (Noise and Vibration Control Material), which effectively absorbs a wide range of frequencies to dissipate energy and vibration. This recoil pad also features a no-slip surface that stays in place even in the rain. See the following for model compatibility: Model 10804 -- Thompson Center Arms Triumph, Triumph Bone Collector, Pro Hunter FX (Venture), and Encore Pro Hunter (all synthetic stock) Model 10806 -- Baikal (some wood stock models); Ithaca Storm (wood); Ithaca Turkey Storm (synthetic); Marlin 444, 4450, 336, and 512 (wood); Mossberg Model 500 A Turkey (wood); Mossberg Model 9200 (wood); Remington 870 Wing Master and 870 Police (wood); ...

    • ASIN: B00KCS5PF0
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: LimbSaver
    • ASIN: B00KCS5PF0
    • UPC: 697438108080
    • Part No: 10808

  • MTM 20 Round Slip-Top Magnum Rifle Ammo Box 300 Rem. ULTRA Mag. 300 Weatherby Mag.

    MTM CASE-GARD J-20 series ammunition cases are a favorite of rifle enthusiasts throughout the world. Made of clear see through polypropylene. The CASE-GARD J-20’s are available in five sizes. All rounds are listed bullet up position. Some reloaders don't like the lid touching there bullets, so the lid dimension below is for them. There are a lot of reloaders that expand the case as much as half inch and claim no problems with accuracy. All rounds are listed bullet up position. For: 260 Rem., 6.5-08 A-Square, 30 Super Flanged, 303 Brit., 358 STA, 400-360 Thin Rim Purdey, 404 Jeffery, 40-65 Sharps Str., 444 Marlin, 375 Ruger, 6.5-284 Norma, 6.53 Scramjet, 6.5x52 Ital., 6.5x57 Rimmed, 7.21 Firebird, 7mm Rigby, 7x61 S&H, 416 Taylor, 458 Lott, 6.17 Spitfire, 7mm STW, 7.5x 54 Swiss, 7.62x54R, 8x64 Brenneke, 8x65 Rimmed, 8x68S Mag., 9.3x62, 9.3x82 Rimmed, 9.5x57, 10.75x68 Mauser. 257 / 270 / 300 / 338-378 / 340 / 375 / 7mm Wby. Mag., 25-284 / 38-72 / 405 Win., 264 / 300 / 330 / 338 / 458 Win. Mag., 300 / 375 H&H Mag., 300 / 330 / 375 / 416 Dakota, 300 / 338 / 375 / 7mm Rem. Ultra Mag., 308 / 358 Norma Mag., 400 / 400-350 Nitro Exp., 416 / 6.5 / 7mm / 8mm Rem. Mag., Lid is at 3.84"" OAL. MTM CASE-GARD J-20 series ammunition cases are a favorite of rifle enthusiasts throughout the ...

    • ASIN: B0051F8CWW
    • Color: Clear Smoke
    • Brand: MTM
    • ASIN: B0051F8CWW
    • UPC: 026057235417
    • Part No: MTMJ20LLD41

  • Hornady Universal Shell Holder #5 (See List)

    Precision machined from solid steel and heat-treated to perform flawlessly. Wide mouth and rounded edge at the opening allow smoother case insertion. Specifications: - press fit: Universal - extended: no - material: steel - quantity: package of 1 Fits: - 25-264 Winchester - 25-300 Remington short action ultra Magnum - 25-300 Remington ultra Magnum - 257 Weatherby Magnum - 264 Winchester Magnum - 270 Weatherby Magnum - 270-300 Remington short action ultra Magnum - 270-300 Remington ultra Magnum - 270-300 Weatherby Magnum - 270-338 Winchester Magnum - 30-338 Winchester Magnum - 30-350 Remington Magnum - 30-375 H&H Magnum - 30-375 Ruger Magnum - 30-8mm Remington Magnum - 300 H&H Magnum - 300 H&H Magnum ackley improved 40 degree shoulder - 300 H&H Magnum improved 30 degree shoulder - 300 Remington short action ultra Magnum - 300 Remington ultra Magnum - 300 Remington ultra Magnum ackley improved 40 degree shoulder - 300 Remington ultra Magnum match - 300 Ruger compact Magnum - 300 Weatherby Magnum - 300 Winchester Magnum - 300 Winchester Magnum ackley improved 40 degree shoulder - 308 Norma Magnum - 338 Remington ultra Magnum - 338 Remington ultra Magnum ackley improved 40 degree shoulder - 338 Ruger compact Magnum - 338 Winchester Magnum - 338-300 Remington short action ultra Magnum...

    • ASIN: B000PEM914
    • Color: Metallic
    • Brand: Hornady
    • ASIN: B000PEM914
    • UPC: 400247369289
    • Part No: 390545

  • Lyman Long Range Precision Reloading Handbook

    One of the fastest growing shooting sports in the country is precision long range rifle shooting. The precision rifle Series and extended long range matches are being held all over the country and industry leaders are producing numerous rifles, scopes, bi-pods, and other accessories for this exciting sport. One area that has been lacking however is reliable reloading data, until now

    • ASIN: B07952XHJ8
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Lyman
    • ASIN: B07952XHJ8
    • UPC: 011516960603
    • Part No: 9816060

  • NcDe Tactical Barrel Clamp Mount With Rail For 12 Gauge Shotguns And Magazine Tubes Fits Remington 870 1100 11-87 SP-10 Mossberg 500 835 Maverick 88Winchetser 1300

    NcDe Tactical Light / Laser Clamp Mount! The NcDe mount/rail is a quality item, and fit perfect on the shell tube, for tactical flashlights and laser sights. This clamp has made it easy and quick to attach different accessories. It's easy to attach your barrel and does not slide when fastened tightly. The clamp mount is light and durable.You have you choice where to attach, left side, right side, bottom. Features: 1. High strength aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with Anodized Black Matte Finish, Rust-proof, Sturdy, Lightweight, don't increase any burden. 2. Friendly 4pieces Hex Screws design,easy to installation and more sturdier.Diameter: 25.4mm Package Included: 1x NcDe Tactical Barrel Mount 1x Hex wrench

    • ASIN: B0163YDAIU
    • Brand: NcDe
    • ASIN: B0163YDAIU
    • Part No: 1

  • Magpul Hunter 700L Remington 700 Long Action Stock, Black

    Made from reinforced polymer and an anodized aluminum bedding block, the Magpul Hunter 700L Stock offers users a cost effective replacement fixed stock featuring enhanced ergonomics.  Compatible with Remington 700 Long Actions, this stock requires no bedding and is a true “drop-in” solution for the end user. The 700L is also M-LOK compatible to accept a broad range of accessories. Also compatible with our Bolt Action Mag Well 700L which allows the rifle to be used with detachable AICS-spec box mags without the need for custom inletting. NOTE: Fits right-hand receivers only. All blind floorplate ADL models will require current factory Remington hinged bottom metal. Not compatible with Remington 700 DM models with their proprietary detachable box mags. Due to interference with raised Cheek Risers, not compatible with the ISS system (J-Lock bolt). Regardless of bolt used, all raised Cheek Risers will need to be temporarily detached to remove the bolt for maintenance. Since factory action mounting screws can come in a variety of lengths, grinding to length or utilizing longer replacements may be necessary to optimize fit with the Hunter 700L.

    • ASIN: B01AOC1KZM
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Magpul
    • ASIN: B01AOC1KZM
    • UPC: 840815109785
    • Part No: MAG483-BLK

  • Winchester 1400 Camo Break Barrel Air Rifle w. Bipod/Sling

    • ASIN:
    • Model: 991400-402
    • Color: CamoflaugeGreen

  • Daisy Youth Line 1938 Red Ryder Air Rifle

    • ASIN:
    • Model: 991938-833
    • Color: Red
    • Size: EA

  • Ruger Impact Max .22 Pellet Air Rifle

    • ASIN:
    • Model: 2230167
    • Color: Brown