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  • FAST Fuel Injection 30227-KIT EZ-EFI Self-Tuning Fuel Injection System

    FAST engineers set out to develop the ultimate fueling strategy for the EZ-EFI. The EZ-EFI features patent pending technology with the most advanced self tuning control strategy available anywhere today. Simply hook up the necessary wires, answer the basic setup Wizard questions on the included hand-held display and the system tunes itself as you drive. Countless research and development hours were spent on a number of prototype test vehicles to develop a high-quality system truly worthy of the FAST brand. Capable of supporting up to 600 horsepower engines at 60psi, the FAST EZ-EFI Self Tuning Fuel Injection System can be purchased as a complete system, including the ECU, wide-band oxygen sensor, wiring harness, fuel injectors, optional fuel pump kit and other assorted components, including the innovative 4150 Throttle Body from FAST. The FAST 4150 Throttle Body delivers the total package approach for anyone with an existing 4150-type intake manifold. Everything comes with the kit, including appropriate fuel injectors and fuel rails. In addition, it works with the original carb-style throttle linkage and is ready to accept all OEM sensors.

    • ASIN: B0046ZE970
    • Brand: FAST
    • ASIN: B0046ZE970
    • UPC: 036584203568
    • Part No: 30227KIT

  • FiTech 30004 Fuel Injection System

    Go EFI 4 600 HP System Power Adder The Go EFI Power Adder 600HP Kit is for the enthusiast that demands more from his system or is planning a future upgrade This system is capable of 25 lbs of Boost right out of the box and can be used in a blow thru turbo or blower application or on a single roots style supercharger. You can also run a single stage of Wet Nitrous and control your A/F as well as Ignition timing. Has all of the self tuning features you expect from the Go EFI systems with the extra PRO Features needed for higher output engines. Annular Swirl Discharge fuel distribution as well as Nitrous and Boost timing retard features make this a perfect choice for your Power Adder engine or your normally aspirated engine if you are considering future upgrades. List of features of the Go EFI 4 600 HP Power Adder System: Boost Ready Throttle Body. Boost Ready ECU 2.5 Bar MAP sensor good for 21.7 PSI NITROUS control with a host of safety features and accessories for Nitrous tuning. Nitrous and Boost specific target A/F target options. Boost and Nitrous timing retard strategies. 2 fan control (can set at separate temperatures). Air-conditioning idle speed input kick up. Advanced hand Held Tuning Mode Enabled. Pro Laptop Software , COMPLETE TUNING FOR PROFESSIONAL TUNER...

    • ASIN: B01LXFAA0U
    • Brand: FI-TECH
    • ASIN: B01LXFAA0U
    • UPC: 856291005039
    • Part No: 30004

  • FiTech 30001 Fuel Injection Kit

    FiTech manufactures throttle body-style EFI systems. These self-tuning EFI systems are designed to be a simple and affordable solution for converting carbureted engines to fuel injection, as well as ground up or upgrade applications. In addition to complete EFI systems, FiTech also offers fuel system components such as fuel pumps, filters, lines, and more.

    • ASIN: B019XF46K2
    • Brand: FI-TECH
    • ASIN: B019XF46K2
    • UPC: 013125000176
    • Part No: 30001

  • Lucas 128 Ounces LUC10013 10013 Fuel Treatment-1 Gallon

    Lucas Fuel Treatment is formulated for both gasoline and diesel engines, carbureted or fuel injected. It gives your fuel system what it really needs - a blend of super slick oils and additives with a high detergent action that allows the engine to operate at maximum efficiency. Also, it cleans and lubricates the carburetor and injectors and causes the fuel to burn more thoroughly for increased power and less fuel consumption. Lucas Fuel Treatment should definitely be used in vehicles that require leaded fuel because it actually replaces the benefits of lead in gasoline without causing harmful emissions. Use it to pass smog tests. Finally, it totally neutralizes the harmful effects of low sulfur diesel fuel.

    • ASIN: B000FW7V50
    • Color: clear yellow
    • Brand: Lucas
    • ASIN: B000FW7V50
    • UPC: 049807100131
    • Part No: 10013

  • AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

    Our World-famous Wideband O2 air/fuel ratio UEGO gauge features a digital LED display and sweeping LED 'needle' that changes colors as AFR changes from rich to lean. A 52mm (2-1/16") gauge housing ensures that it will fit in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere. All AEM digital gauges feature a 0-5V analog output for use with data loggers and almost any engine management system. Each gauge comes with black and silver bezels and black and white faceplates for multiple color combinations and a custom look (a black Lambda faceplate and black and white Air/Fuel Ratio faceplates). The Bosch UEGO sensor gives the controller its speed and accuracy. The Bosch 4.9 LSU sensor used in the AEM Wideband UEGO AFR Controller Gauge has a faster light off time and draws less current than the 4.2 LSU sensor used with AEM's 30-4100 Wideband UEGO Controller Gauge, which will be superseded to the gauge in August, 2014. The 4.9 LSU sensor features the same fuel compatibility as the 4.2 LSU and NEVER requires free-air calibration when used with AEM's Wideband UEGO AFR Gauge. The 4.9 LSU sensor uses a different connector than the connector used with the 4.2 LSU sensors included with the original 30-4100 gauge controller. The sensors are not interchangeable between the two gauge...

    • ASIN: B00N3VGPYS
    • Brand: AEM
    • ASIN: B00N3VGPYS
    • UPC: 640206582889
    • Part No: 30-4110

  • STA-BIL 360 22240 Marine with Vapor Technology, 32 oz.

    STA-BIL 360 Marine with Vapor Technology

    • ASIN: B001CAW2DK
    • Color: Multi-Colored
    • Brand: STA-BIL
    • ASIN: B001CAW2DK
    • UPC: 073950222402
    • Part No: 22240

  • BG Products 44K Fuel System Cleaner - 3 Pack

    BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner 3 Pack. BG 44K fuel system cleaner, added to gasoline, quickly and effectively cleans the entire fuel system, including fuel injectors, intake valves, ports and combustion chambers. Because it provides efficient removal of upper engine deposits, BG 44K reduces problems caused by deposit build-up such as engine surge, stalling, stumble, hesitation and power loss. BG 44K quickly restores engine performance and improves driveability. It will provide quick clean-up of coked fuel injectors and corrosive deposits on the fuel sending unit. It is compatible with all fuel system materials, alcohol-blended fuels, common fuel additives. Contains no alcohol. Catalytic converter, and oxygen sensor safe. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

    • ASIN: B075DLPDR8
    • Brand: BG
    • ASIN: B075DLPDR8
    • UPC: 766621101402
    • Part No: 44K_3PACK_B

  • ACDelco GF652 Professional Fuel Filter

    An ACDelco Professional, premium aftermarket Fuel Filter is the high quality replacement ideal for many vehicles on the road today. It traps fuel contaminants before they enter the engine's fuel delivery system. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line of your vehicle and prevents contaminants, such as dirt, rust, and paint particles from entering the fuel delivery system to keep the engine running properly. This premium aftermarket replacement fuel filter is manufactured to meet your expectations for fit, form, and function.

    • ASIN: B000C9SR90
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: ACDelco
    • ASIN: B000C9SR90
    • UPC: 366667856788
    • Part No: GF652

  • Vance and Hines FP3 Fuelpak 66007 Autotuner for Select 2007-13 Harley Davidson Models

    The Fuelpak FP3 will revolutionize fuel management for all new Harley-Davidson models now using the HDLAN (CAN Bus) system. Connecting wirelessly by Bluetooth to iPhone or Android Smartphones, Fuelpak FP3 uses Flash technology to recalibrate engine parameters and mapping for exhaust systems and other performance upgrades downloaded from the expansive library of calibrations developed by Vance & Hines. Also standard for the Fuelpak FP3 is an Auto tune feature, making use of all factory sensors to add another layer of precision tuning for specific requirements, whether tuning for unique components or different grades of fuel. With the Fuelpak FP3 module plugged-in, Live Sensor Data can be viewed through the smartphone to display speed, RPM, cylinder head temperature, voltage, gear selection and other vital information.

    • ASIN: B01F49ENYK
    • Brand: Vance & Hines
    • ASIN: B01F49ENYK
    • UPC: 783591932010
    • Part No: 66007

  • Motorcraft FD-4617 Fuel Filter

    Fuel Filter

    • ASIN: B003VUY72S
    • Brand: Motorcraft
    • ASIN: B003VUY72S
    • UPC: 031508571006
    • Part No: FD4617


    • ASIN:
    • Model: FJ504
    • Color: Multicolor