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  • Rabbit Wine Opener Wine Bottle Opener Set with Beautiful Box with Foil Cutter,Wine Pourer,Wine Stopper and Extra Spiral, Professional Grade

    Good use experienceOpening a wine bottle is an important ritual in the enjoyment of wine. Every lover of wine must have a solid wine opener set.Rabbit wine bottle opener is designed to allow you to pull out the cork effortlessly and gracefully.Its beautiful appearance allows it to be placed on the table or be shown to you friend. Rabbit wine opener would also be a perfect gift which has a stylish case.Essential tools #Foil cutter can help you remove the top foil casing. #Wine stopper can plug the bottle to slowing down oxidation, keeping the wine fresh. #Spiral is long enough to pull up the cork. There will be no broken cork or wood chips falling into the wine. Directions for use1 Use foil cutter effortlessly removes foil. 2 Put rabbit wine opener over the bottle, grip the bottle neck firmly with the handles.3 Slowly bring the lever return to closed position(spiral will insert in the cork).4 Slowly lift the lever back to the open position (cork will easily come out of the wine bottle).5 Grip the cork with the handles, then pull lever to full open position. The cork will be release from spiral.100% Satisfactory WarrantyPlease feel free to contact us via email anytime you have issues with GeckoG Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener Set.We provide 12-month full product warranty and along with ...

    • Color: Golden
    • Brand: GECKOG
    • UPC: 681013347575
    • Part No: unknown

  • KISEER Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener, 6 Pack Beer Bottle Opener for Kitchen, Bar or Restaurant

    Brand Description: Kiseer is a professional manufacturer of the best home and kitchen products. We guarantee that our products are non-toxic, healthy and environmental friendly. We promise to give you the best service. We provide 30 days no reason to return money and 6 months replacement, please rest assured to buy. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will be the first time to reply Specifications: - Material: Stainless Steel - Size: 7 x 1.6 Inch - Color: Silvery Package Included: - 8x Bottle openers 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: - Professional product and service - Fast and free logistics distribution - Any question please contact us

    • ASIN: B0742JHPSM
    • Color: 6 Pcs
    • Brand: KISEER
    • ASIN: B0742JHPSM
    • UPC: 718040885098
    • Part No: unknown

  • Cooko Wine Opener Set, Manual Wine Bottle Opener Kit with Aerator, Zinc Alloy Handle Corkscrew, Deluxe Wine Opener Accessories with 9 Pieces

    Looking for a Perfect Gift? No further need to look, here are 9 of the best gift choice from Cooko All your needs are here: 1. Foil :Use the foil cutter to take out the wine foil and prepare for the next opening. 2. Corkscrew:Simple open your fresh wine with our Premium corkscrew opener 3.Collar:It can avoid the wine leak out ,when we pour with collar around the neck of the wine 4. Wine pourer& aerator: Use the wine pourer or wine aerator for better precision, 100% drip free experience 5. Wine stopper:Some wine left? No worries use our high quality wine stopper; it will maintain the wines quality & taste. Next time you wane enjoy your wine it will taste just like the first glass after you just opened the bottle. 6.Thermometer:We know the wine taste better when the temperature is 16-18 degree ,with a thermometer we can better know the time to drink or store. 7. 2 Extra screw:When we have found the screw is not enough sharp ,we can use them to replace the original corkscrew,it is so exciting. Perfect for all wine enthusiasts, the Corkscrew Wine Opener Wood Box Set offers effortless, self-pulling action and a strong, non-stick coated screw that will not damage corks. Don't hesitate,you can order now for your family or friends. NOTE: The wine on the picture is not included in th...

    • ASIN: B018TQZDD0
    • Color: wine opener set
    • Brand: Cooko
    • ASIN: B018TQZDD0
    • UPC: 611968836589
    • Part No: SYNCHKG078781

  • Bartender Bottle Opener for Opening Beer, Cider, Soft Drinks -Wood Handle Handheld (set of 5)

    Wooden Handle Measures 5.4" Metal tip provides convenience in opening bottle. It is very convenient to hang when you are not to use it. Package include:5pcs wooden handle bottle opener

    • ASIN: B076GY7FSP
    • Color: Other
    • Brand: BEINIU
    • ASIN: B076GY7FSP
    • UPC: 716866447612
    • Part No: BEINIU345

  • Wine Air Pressure Pump Opener Set, Kato Needle Wine Bottle Cork Remover Accessory Tool Kit with Wine Aerator Pourer,Foil Cutter and Vacuum Stopper, Perfect Wine Gift, Silver

    Here are some tips for you to remove the corks more easily.First, try your best to press the handle down to the bottom every timeSecondly, when half of the cork is pumped out of the bottle, hold the transparent cover and pull it up and the cork will be removed easily. If you still can't opner the bottle, you can contact us at [email protected] to ask for help, we'll send you a replacement asap.SKU:1KTWO400SLFeatures:•Kato 4-piece wine set includes foil cutter, wine pourer and air pump style cork remover.•The wine pourer significantly slows down you wine's oxidation process and keeps the wine fresh for at least 7-10 days.•All of our packaging is at premium level for those of you who like sending out presentable gifts.•To use the wine stopper, insert it deeply into the bottle opening. •Afterwards, pull push on the lever to extract air from inside until you feel slight resistance. Push the lever back into place to complete the preservation and you are done.

    • ASIN: B07BDL4QN9
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Kato
    • ASIN: B07BDL4QN9
    • UPC: 711531923262
    • Part No: 1KTWO400SL

  • Anbers Rubber Coated Stainless Steel Flat Beer Bottle Opener Set of 6

    • ASIN: B07M8S98KD
    • Color: green, yellow, black, white, red, blue
    • Brand: Anbers
    • ASIN: B07M8S98KD
    • UPC: 722892235871

  • Wine Bottle Opener Air Pressure Wine Cork Remover Pump Wine Opener Wine Pump Wine Accessory Tool Handheld Wine Bottle Opener with Wine Pourer,Foil Cutter and Vacuum Stopper(Gift Box)

    As a wine enthusiast, you will have multiple cork opener, but air pressure pump will replace any of your traditional corkscrew .Pop out easily with popping sound likes opening a champagne Works every time, suitable for ladybro party, increasing child's hands-on ability and sense of achievement when having family dinner, a must-have opener for bartenders, a delicate gift for wine collectors Only needs no more than 30 seconds to pump and open as opposed to trying to screw in the corkscrew without no more than 8 pumps of the handle The Easiest-To-Use Cork Remover ❤Remove the foil by foil cutter ❤Center the needle, pushed down in as far as it would go(air pressure builds in the bottle) ❤Pump once, hear the air and feel the cork move a little ❤A few more pumps, cork slid out NO Cork Float In The Bottle & Wokrs Most Corks ❤Traditional spiral corkmover: hard to screw if you without muscles. But air pump remover pumps: pump no more than 8 times, pop put entirely ❤Moise corks traditional spiral cork remover: tend to fall apart .But air pump remover pumps: pump more than 8 times, maybe 10... pop put entirely Full Accessories Set 1X Cork Remover 1X Foil Cutter 1X Wine Aerator Pourer 1X Wine Saver Vacuum Stopper 1X Instruction 1X Gift box Warm Tips ❤Adults need to stay with...

    • Color: Air Pressure Opener Gift Kit
    • Brand: XCSOURCE
    • Part No: SU354-USFBA

  • Wine Pressure Pump Bottle Opener, SANMAS Wine Opener Gift Set with Foil Cutter, Wine Aerator Pourer and Wine Stopper Corkscrew Cork Remover Wine Tool Wine Accessories, Black

    How to use this air pressure pump wine opener gift set?? 1. Put the foil cutter to the bottle neck at 90 degree angle, clutch onto the bottle neck, turn the foil. 2. Remove the foil by hand. 3. Insert the needle into the wooden cork and make sure the needle passed through, cover the bottle by transparent cover. 4. Grasp firmly the transparent cover by left hand; hold the outer tube by the right hand. Press the outer tube to pump air into the bottle by push and pull until the cork is slided out of the bottle.( Generally 5~10 pumps per bottle is appropriate) 5. Push the transparent slider to make the cork away from the needle. 6. Put the aerator pourer into bottle, pour wine without leakage. 7. If there is leftover wine, put the stopper in the top, pull an push the top of windpipe to press out the air in the bottle untill the top rebound automatically. Please note: (1)The wine opener suitable for Unopened wine, Not for Plastic Corks, Champagne and Sparking Wine, Unseal wine; (2)Keep out of reach of children, the needle is sharp and might cause harm; (3) If the bottle is defective, the times of pumping must not over 12 times per bottle; (4)When using the air pressure wine opener, do Not pump too much air, you should continue to be uniform rate of inflation; (5)After drinking, the re...

    • ASIN: B078JMK4JT
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SANMAS
    • ASIN: B078JMK4JT
    • UPC: 614251421301
    • Part No: SW-WG07

  • Wine Opener Set - Smaier Corkscrew,Wine Accessories Areator Wine Opener Kit with Wood Case

    An Elegant, High Quality Wine Gift Set Perfect for all wine enthusiasts, the Corkscrew Wine Opener Wood Box Set offers effortless, self-pulling action and a strong, non-stick coated screw that will not damage corks. The corkscrew works on all types of wine bottles and extracts a wine cork in three seconds flat. The ergonomic wine opener offers stainless steel construction and a chrome finish. Simple Mechanism, Easy to Use Its classic straight-up performance mechanism ensures a quick opening of your favorite wines: Simply attach the wine opener to the bottle with one hand, and then pull the lever upwards and downwards - it's off with the cork in seconds. A Well-designed, Perfect Gift for any Occasion A great gift for any event, for both men and women. With its sleek modern look, high quality stainless steel moving parts and elegant design, this wine accessories kit can serve as a gift for any happy event, such as Christmas, wedding, housewarming, garden party or birthday. Package include: *Wine Bottle Opener - Corkscrew *Two Extra Corkscrews *Wine Aerator *Wine Thermometer *Drip Ring *Wine Foil Cutter *Wine Pourer *Wine Stopper *Beautiful Rosewood Gift Box

    • ASIN: B0196PBE4A
    • Color: Set of 9
    • Brand: Smaier
    • ASIN: B0196PBE4A
    • UPC: 736950338060
    • Part No: COMINHKG077125

  • Bottle Can and Jar Grip Opener, 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 Multi Kitchen Tools Set and 4-in-1Jar Grip Opener, Lid Seal Remover Lid Twist Off for Children, Elderly, Weak Hand and Arthritic, Pack of 3

    ☞☞The ergonomic non-slip design and high quality plastic and silicon materials make the kitchen multi-tool set very easy to use and clean. Ideal for arthritic hands, seniors, anyone with limited hand strength, anyone with long fingernails, and anyone looking for a better, faster, easier way to open all of the sealed containers in their kitchen. Also this kitchen opener tools are small and lightweight, just need small space, also can be hang on hooks for easy access.☜☜ Package includes: 1 x 6-in-1 Can opener 1 x 5-in-1 Bottle opener 1 x 4-in-1 Jar opener The 6-in-1 Multi-Opener features ✓ 1 a hidden blade for opening bags, ✓ 2 a clamp for opening safety seals (e.g. on a new ketchup bottle), ✓ 3 a pull tab hook, ✓ 4 a pop tab hook, ✓ 5 a handle that grips tight lids for easy twist-off, ✓ 6 a bottle opener. The 5-in-1 Multi-Opener features ✓ 1 a bottle opener (for traditional glass bottles), ✓ 2 a screw-top opener (for plastic screw-top bottles), ✓ 3 a pull tab hook (for pull tabs, e.g. tin of cat food), ✓ 4 a pop tab hook (for pop tabs, e.g. soda cans), ✓ 5 a "jar hook" that breaks the container's vacuum-seal, making the lid effortless to twist off. The 4-in-1 Multi-Opener features The 4-in-1 jar opener with 4 different size, the mult...

    • ASIN: B07Q28THTM
    • Color: Kitchen Multi opening Tools
    • Brand: Mokeep
    • ASIN: B07Q28THTM
    • UPC: 715002004573