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  • OTC Over Door Cervical Traction Kit, Neck Disk Relief, Complete Set

    OTC brand (model 2501) over the door cervical traction kit. Used to relieve pressure on muscle, nerve tissue and minor fractures of the cervical spine. It is easily set up for home use. The sturdy metal bracket fastens over any door, and the weight bag is calibrated from 2 lbs. to 20 lbs.; easy to fill with ordinary tap water. Kit Includes: Head halter, padded and adjustable; metal spreader bar; metal door bracket; door hanger and two pulleys; section of rope; water weight bag. Use For: Indicated for nerve pain from herniated discs, vertebral joint pain, muscle spasm, lost of spinal motion; contraindicated in cases of acute cervical injury, osteomyelitis, spinal instability and hypermobility, tumors, rheumatoid arthritis

    • ASIN: B000JNLT0I
    • Color: White
    • Brand: OTC
    • ASIN: B000JNLT0I
    • UPC: 048503250102
    • Part No: 2501

  • Duro-Med Cervical Traction Collar Device for Neck Pain Relief, Over The Door Neck Traction Device, Cervical Traction Unit for Physical Therapy

    DURO-MED CERVICAL TRACTION DEVICE, OVER THE DOOR NECK TRACTION DEVICE, CERVICAL TRACTION UNIT FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY Effective Physical Therapy, Easily, at Home, on Your Time, When it's Most Convenient YOUR DURO-MED OVER THE DOOR NECK TRACTION DEVICE, CERVICAL TRACTION UNIT IS GREAT FOR: Physical therapy exercises Neck pain Arthritis Disc bulges Herniations and more DURO-MED CERVICAL TRACTION DEVICE FEATURES: Easy over the door installation works anywhere No tool necessary assembly Includes vinyl weight bag with graduated scale up to 20 pounds One size fits most foam padded head halter DURO-MED CERVICAL TRACTION SET SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 15.3 by 7.3 by 3.6 inches Weighs 2.8 pounds How To Use Your Cervical Traction Device, Over The Door Neck Traction Device Your physical therapist can help you learn how to use this device, and can provide advice on the appropriate amount of force to use for your specific condition. In general, a pulling force of about 20 pounds should be used when starting neck traction. The force should be held for 10 to 20 seconds, and then slowly released. Traction can be applied several times throughout the day. Be sure to work closely with your physical therapist to help decide on the best treatment parameters for your specific condition. If your symptoms worse...

    • ASIN: B000FH19QW
    • Color: White/Silver
    • Brand: Duro-Med
    • ASIN: B000FH19QW
    • UPC: 041298020141
    • Part No: 534-2014-0000

  • Drive Medical Overdoor Traction Set

    Ideal for home use or when traveling, the Over Door Traction Set is a simple and effective device for relieving pain. The unit fits easily over the top of most doors while the included water bag lets the user tailor the desired level of traction just by adding the appropriate amount of water. Plus, the spreader bar allows you to adjust the halter's width to the ideal position.

    • ASIN: B002VWJZ38
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Drive Medical
    • ASIN: B002VWJZ38
    • UPC: 822383102986
    • Part No: 13004

  • genmine Over The Door Cervical Traction Device Set Unit for Neck Shoulder Brace Head Pain Relief Home

    Note:☀️If you are too tall, we recommend you use a chair to do traction. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us first, and we will try our best to solve your problems soon. Features: ☀️It fits for gentle traction on your neck to relieve the pain from stiff muscles.☀️Fast and Easy Relief of Neck Stress. ☀️Universal size for most user. ☀️No water bag required and quick installed. ☀️Fast and easy relief of neck stress, one size fits all. ☀️Fits on any door with the protector pad. ☀️Heavy duty kit, Gross weight over 1kg. ☀️Good gift for your family. Specification: ☀️Range of application: Traction treatment of cervical spondylosis. Package Included:1x Metal towing. 1x To protect the door rubber mat. 1x Traction belt. 1x Metal hanger. It usually takes 5-14 days to arrive to US by FBM

    • ASIN: B071L1KVMW
    • Color: As Picture Shows
    • Brand: genmine
    • ASIN: B071L1KVMW
    • UPC: 190891158505
    • Part No: unknown

  • EverRelief Cervical Neck Traction Device - Inflatable & Adjustable Neck Stretcher Collar - at Home Traction for Neck Pain Relief

    Here's How Professional Drivers, Programmers, Gamers & Office Workers Deal With Neck Pain! Looking for a neck decompression pillow that will help relieve shoulder pain? Need an easy-to-use home traction unit for neck pain relief? Want to increase your productivity and improve your mood no matter where you are? Introducing The EverRelief Adjustable Inflatable Cervical Neck Traction Device! Now you don't have to settle for a weird-looking neck hammock that requires a door or a railing to work. You can alleviate neck muscle soreness, stiffness and tension on-the-go with our inflatable cervical neck traction device. Why Choose Our Air Neck Therapy Device? BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FEEL HEALTHIER & STRONGER: headaches, spasms and shoulder pain can take a toll on your wellbeing and mood. That is exactly why our decompression neck collar is designed to alleviate pain and improve your mood. BECAUSE YOU WANT TO WORK PAIN- FREE: especially if you are a professional driver, computer programmer, office worker, gamer, developer or your job involves long sitting hours, our neck puller device will help you relieve pain and tension. BECAUSE YOU NEED A PORTABLE NECK TRACTION DEVICE: while other neck sling hammocks or neck decompressor devices require a time- consuming assembly, our air pump neck exten...

    • ASIN: B01C9TIO34
    • Color: Dark Gray
    • Brand: EverRelief
    • ASIN: B01C9TIO34
    • UPC: 701698970193
    • Part No: M419

  • Neck Cervical Traction Device Unit Kit Home Over Door Neck Spinal Decompression Devices Orthopedic Overhead Traction Machine Neck Brace Physical Therapy Set Pain Relief

    Over Door Neck Cervical Traction Device Kit 🌟 Helps to realign and stabilize vertebrae, and relieve pain and pressure in the spine. 🌟 Fits any less than 2"" thick door. Note: 1. Heavy Duty Kit, be careful pls! 2. Forbidden to use the product under unattended conditions, and stop using it immediately if feel unwell. 3. If our instructions is not clearly enough, you can search for related videos on the internet. 4. Any questions, problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Use Method : 1. Cover the blue EVA pad to protect the door. 2. Then fix it to the door, twist the screw, ensure it wouldn't shake. 3. Adjust the length of green rope, hang the Triangle Hook on it. 4. Hang the chin strap on hook, then sit on a chair, wear the strap. 5. Adjust to a suitable position, pull the rope gradually to start treatment. 6. After treatment, does not to release the rope immediately. You can stand up slowly, then take off the chin strap. 7. Treatment Time: 10-15mins OR under the doctor's guidance. Package including Cervical traction unit x 1 Kit

    • ASIN: B07BJXF2Z1
    • Color: Door
    • Brand: NEPPT
    • ASIN: B07BJXF2Z1
    • Part No: 1

  • Carex Overdoor Cervical Neck Traction Device - Back Stretcher Spinal Decompression and Neck Stretcher Device for Over The Door

    The Head Halter Over Door Traction Set and neck decompression devices is designed to provide head traction when prescribed by a physician. The set includes a water weight bag, a cervical spreader bar, a nylon braided rope, an over-door traction clamp and an adjustable Velcro halter. The amount of counter weight and time of use must be prescribed by a qualified physician. WARNING: USE ONLY AS PRESCRIBED BY A PHYSICIAN. IF DISCOMFORT OCCURS, CONTACT YOUR PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY. Trust Carex, a leader in rehab equipment and back decompression devices.

    • ASIN: B000GCPYEY
    • Brand: Carex Health Brands
    • ASIN: B000GCPYEY
    • UPC: 023601465504
    • Part No: P551C0

  • Cervical Neck Traction Device by NeckFix for Instant Neck Pain Relief [FDA Approved] - Adjustable Neck Stretcher Collar for Home Traction Spine Alignment [Model 2019] + Bonus (12-17 inch)

    Your neck pain keeps you to truly enjoying life? Do you always feel tired, grind your teeth and have neck pain or shoulder pain? We know the feeling! At last! You find the solution for your Neck Pain relieve . ★ NeckFix Cervical Neck Traction Device offer a neck support to prevent and relieve neck and shoulder pain/injuries. It partially unload the cervical spine and help support the weight of the head. By stretching the neck and lifting it upwards, blood circulation gets increased to the structures of the cervical spine, helping to oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons, thus decreasing pain and promoting relaxation. ★ NeckFix is suitable for home use. It offers support for:  Cervical spondylosis herniated, Compressed or bulging cervical discs, Neck strains, Pinched nerves, Cervical muscle spasms, Spine Alignment, Chronic Neck Pain, Tension, Arthritis. ★ How to use:  * Scroll down and Watch Video  * For very good results we recommend using the collar in a progressive manner. In the first week we recommend using 2 times a day for 10 to 15 minutes. In the second week 2-3 times/day for 15-20 minutes. The collar pressure will be progressive. ★ Please read the Instructions Brochure carefully and follow the doctor's advice before using this product. ★Do NOT Over Inflate t...

    • ASIN: B07GZX7T9H
    • Color: Blue Ocean
    • Brand: NeckFix
    • ASIN: B07GZX7T9H

  • Pettibon System Cervical Neck Traction Device for TMJ Relief, Over The Door Neck Stretcher

    The Pettibon System Cervical Neck Traction Device for TMJ Relief is a patented solution for restoring neck mobility and relieving pain in the neck and upper back. By gently stretching your neck, spinal pressure is relieved and your spinal discs are allowed to expand, relieving compressed nerve / pinched nerve pain, and soothing neck and upper back muscles and joints. This version of the Cervical Neck Traction Device is designed to help those who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) or anyone who has trouble tolerating pressure on their chin or jaw. Our patented Repetitive Cervical Traction technique helps rehydrate spinal discs and restore the natural curve of the neck through gentle neck stretching. Chiropractors all over the United States have been using the Cervical Neck Traction Device in their clinics because it applies the loading and unloading cycles that are necessary for ligament and disc rehabilitation and correction. The benefits of the Cervical Neck Traction Device can take as little as 2 to 3 minutes a day, while the device can be setup in 6 easy steps. For further details, view the materials included with your Pettibon System Cervical Neck Traction Device.

    • ASIN: B00C7XRTNO
    • Brand: The Pettibon System
    • ASIN: B00C7XRTNO
    • Part No: 019-FAT

  • The Neck Hammock Portable Cervical Traction Device for Neck Pain Relief and Physical Therapy

    In the past, individuals could only receive traction at a physical therapist's office, but these visits are often time consuming, inconvenient, and costly. Today, there are many at-home cervical traction devices, but most are complex, cumbersome, bulky, expensive, and potentially injurious. What is needed is an easy to use, compact, non-marring, effective traction device that minimizes discomfort and avoids potentially injurious stresses, while giving the patient ultimate relaxation and pain relief. And that's how and why The Neck Hammock was created!

    • ASIN: B07FX5CXKC
    • Brand: The Neck Hammock
    • ASIN: B07FX5CXKC
    • UPC: 600173666661
    • Part No: PP-HOHH98947