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  • Avalon VT-737sp Class A Mono Tube Channel Strip Limited Edition

    The Avalon VT-737sp Class A Mono Tube Channel Strip Anniversary Edition features a combination of TUBE preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering in a 2U space. The VT737SP Anniversary is identical in terms of circuitry, the only difference being cosmetic; the front panel is matt-black and the original orange LEDs have been replaced with cool blue ones. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the release of the renowned VT-737sp Class A Mono Tube Channel Strip, Avalon has produced a special "Blackface" model. The VT-737SP features a combination of TUBE preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering in a 2U space. The VT737SP Anniversary is identical in terms of circuitry, the only difference being cosmetic; the front panel is matte-black and the original orange LEDs have been replaced with cool blue ones. PREAMPLIFIER The VT-737SP has three input selections: 1. The VT-737SP features a higher-performance microphone input transformer with +48v phantom selection. 2. Instrument DI high source input with jack located on front panel. 3. Balanced line input, discrete high-level Class A. The class A preamplifier utilizes two cascaded, dual vacuum tube triodes configured with minimum negative feedback. A high gain switch boosts...

    • ASIN: B0002GL02Y
    • Brand: Avalon
    • ASIN: B0002GL02Y
    • UPC: 889406017931
    • Part No: VT-737SP / Mic preamp

  • ART VoiceChannel Tube Channel Strip With Digital Outs

    The ART VoiceChannel is the answer to your recording and computer audio interface needs. Built to provide the ideal all-in-one input solution for analog or digital recording, the ART VoiceChannel is a true second-generation discrete Class-A microphone preamp capable of providing clean quiet gain while maintaining incredible transparency. An integrated fully variable powerful dynamics processor subtly controls transients and noise of the most demanding sources while the VoiceChannel's semi-parametric EQ offers wide tune-ability. For added versatility the EQ can be patched before OR after the dynamics processor while separate insertion jacks allow you quick quiet in-line connectivity to external signal processing gear immediately after the Mic preamp, before the EQ and dynamics processor in the signal path. Another insert patch point exists just before the A/D converters. Choose between a wide range of outputs including balanced analog output, 44.1 KHz to 192 KHz AES/EBU, S/PDIF, ADAT and USB. Both analog and digital meters provide a detailed indication of audio levels. ART VoiceChannel Features Ideal input solution for any recording application. Tube Microphone Preamplifier with Selectable plate Voltage and Variable Input Impedance Exceptional warmth and definition from proven ART...

    • ASIN: B0012MIVUQ
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: ART
    • ASIN: B0012MIVUQ
    • UPC: 840402018292

  • UpBright 16V AC/AC Adapter for Model: HKA16-1000 HKA161000 150-HKA16-1000 PreSonus Plug in Class 2 Transformer Symetrix NPIX16 A41610BC, Studio Channel Vaccum Tube Channel Strip Preamp Power Supply

    UpBright NEW 16V AC / AC Adapter For Model: HKA16-1000 HKA161000 150-HKA16-1000 150HKA161000 PreSonus Plug In Class 2 Transformer Symetrix NPIX16 A41610BC, Studio Channel Vaccum Tube Channel Strip Preamp 16VAC Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU CECCCROHS 120

    • ASIN: B00UAWIO2Y
    • Brand: UPBRIGHT
    • ASIN: B00UAWIO2Y
    • UPC: 662230363661
    • Part No: HKA16-1000 HKA161000 PreSonus

  • PreSonus Studio Channel Vacuum-Tube Channel Strip

    The Studio Channel is great for studio and live use. Its Class A preamp features a high-output 12AX7 tube and Gain and Tube Drive controls. The full-featured, VCA-based compressor includes Auto Attack/Release. The EQ can be pre- or post-compressor and has a fully parametric mid band and semi-parametric high and low bands that can be shelving or peak

    • ASIN: B001N0LI3Y
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: PreSonus
    • ASIN: B001N0LI3Y
    • UPC: 003107012297

  • Manley CORE Reference Channel Strip

    Introducing the Manley CORE, an innovative channel strip that combines Manley's Greatest Hits with fresh technology. Built upon a 25-year legacy producing revered recording studio equipment for top recording engineers and musicians, Manley Labs has combined its CORE technologies to give you maximum flexibility at an affordable price. The COREs strength flows from its Class A high-voltage tube micpre and ELOP Compressor, into its sweep able mid EQ with high and low shelves, and is focused by a fast brick-wall FET limiter. An intuitive front panel layout allows you to concentrate on creativity instead of being lost in a sea of knobs. Easy to use, musical and forgiving, the CORE makes it easier than ever to cut a great sounding track.

    • ASIN: B00MHWAE5A
    • Brand: Manley
    • ASIN: B00MHWAE5A
    • UPC: 890833001851
    • Part No: MCORE

  • Dimmable Warm White LED Light Strip, Lamomo 3000K Flexible White Neon Light Premium High Density 16.4 Ft/5m 600 LEDs, UL-Listed Upgrade Silicone LED Rope 12V DC Tape Light for Indoors/Outdoors Decor

    Lamomo silicone led strip lights Enlighten your beautiful life Lamomo 12V led light rope strip -- Safer/Brighter/Prettier More flexible: Devoted to offering customers better purchasing service, Lamomo led neon light are made of a new type of material making this low voltage led strip more flexible. More options: Lamomo has white led strip lights, cool white, warm white included; any other color you prefer please contact our sales department. Specification Type: SMD 2835 Led lights: 120 leds/M Color:Warm White Voltage: 8W-10W/M Length: 5M/16.4FT Lumens: 22-26LM Water-proof level: IP65 Illumination range: 120° Power wattage: DC 12V Temperature range: -35°- 200° What You Get 1 x 16.4ft 2835 LED Light Strip 1 x Power Supply (with plug)  1 x Manual PS, We strongly recommend you use one adapter for only 5 meters/16.4 ft to ensure high brightness tough it would be Available within 10 meters.

    • ASIN: B07MHDW44J
    • Color: Warm White
    • Brand: Lamomo
    • ASIN: B07MHDW44J
    • UPC: 682141803575
    • Part No: S1-12CW-US

  • ART Pro Channel II Microphone Preamp/Compressor/EQ Professional Tube Based Selectable VU Metering

    The Pro Channel from ART is the latest offering from the world's most popular tube dynamics processing manufacturer. ART engineers have combined the world-renowned Pro MPA, Pro VLA, and Tube EQ into a single product - creating the world's best-sounding and most affordable professional recording channel. The Pro Channel features many new and exciting design enhancements to ART's pro and home studio staples, including the addition of a tube circuit to the compressor module. The Pro Channel allows you to select between ART's award winning optical/tube compressor or the coveted tube circuit (a design made popular by the sound of the old broadcast limiters - now costing thousands of dollars). The tube circuit is fast, fat and a bit aggressive, and is guaranteed to become a legend among compressors as has the Pro VLA. The four-band parametric equalizer has selectable Q for the two sweepable mid-bands. As with all design elements of the Pro Channel, these Q options were fine-tuned by some of the industry's top studio and live-sound engineers. Likewise, all new additions were made without compromise to the sound of the original designs (Pro MPA, Pro VLA, Tube EQ), which have become standards in professional studios and FOH rigs around the globe. The Pro Channel defines the term "channel ...

    • ASIN: B0073438ZU
    • Brand: ART
    • ASIN: B0073438ZU
    • UPC: 840402019312

  • One-Cord Channel Cable Concealer - CMC-03 Cord Cover Wall Cable Management System - 125" Cable Hider Raceway Kit for a Power Cord, Ethernet Cable, Speaker Wire - 8X L15.6in, W0.59in H0.39in, White

    No more messy, tangled or unsightly cables! Our cable channels make any room in your home or office look great! Our cable management kit comes complete with 8 easy-to-connect cable channels so you can easily conceal those unattractive power cords, extension cords, cables and more. Also, our raceway kit comes with everything you need for easy, trouble-free installation. Not only will our cable concealers make your space look more organized, but they will also keep your family safe from potential accidents! Our cord management wire concealing system is ideal for: Home entertainment systems Speaker cables Phone/Fax lines Lamp cords Computer cords Ethernet cables Home office wiring And more The convenient self-adhesive backing facilitates a simple and easy installation on baseboard or wall. Order your cable concealer kit today and receive:- 8 cable channels (W0.59",H0.39", L15.6", easy handling) - 7 couplings - 2 flat elbows - 1 inside elbow - 1 outside elbow - 1 roll of clear PE mounting tape Organize your cords today by clicking "Add to Cart" now! Note: Our mounting tape is strong. Once installed, it will remain securely in place. In order to remove it, merely direct some heat on the tape with a blow dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive. This will allow you to easi...

    • ASIN: B07D8WVJWF
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Yecaye
    • ASIN: B07D8WVJWF
    • UPC: 711766624644
    • Part No: 5582705467

  • dbx 286s Microphone Preamp & Channel Strip Processor

    The dB 286s is a full featured channel strip processor that delivers a studio quality microphone/instrument preamplifier and four processors that can be used independently or in any combination. why mic up vocals and instruments through a noisy, blurry mixer? The sonically pristine dB 286s mic preamp has all the features you need, including wide-ranging input gain control, switchable +48V phantom power, and an 80Hz high-pass filter to remove low frequency hum, rumble or wind. Use the patented dB over Easy compressor to transparently smooth out uneven acoustic tracks or deliver that classic "in your face" Vocal performance that only a dB compressor can. Eliminate vocal sibilance and high frequency distortion from instruments such as cymbals with the frequency Tenable De-Esser. Fine-tune the Enhancer HF detail control to add sparkle and Crispness to your tracks and make adjustments to the lf detail control to add fullness and depth to vocals and bass instruments while cleaning up the muddy low midrange frequencies. The separate threshold and ratio controls on the expander/gate allow you to subtly reduce headphone leakage or radically gate noisy guitar amps. And, the dB 286s offers a full compliment of metering and status LEDs to visually guide you to achieving the right sound.

    • ASIN: B004LWH79A
    • Brand: dbx
    • ASIN: B004LWH79A
    • UPC: 632317256193
    • Part No: DBX0116

  • ART ProMPAII Two Channel Discrete Class A Microphone Preamp

    The ART Pro MPA II two channel microphone preamp is the next generation in affordable high performance microphone preamp technology. Each microphone input circuit, with selectable 48v phantom power, features variable input impedance which can radically vary the overall performance of any high quality dynamic or ribbon microphone. The Pro MPA II can be configured for dual mono or stereo operation with selectable mid/side mic support, summing the adjacent channel, to decode left/right signals. The Pro MPA II can operate at either a low or high plate voltage on the two integrated hand-selected 12AX7 tubes for wider variation of preamp tone and performance. Large back-lit analog VU output meters display input or output levels while multi-colored LED arrays, with average or peak hold, show tube gain. Housed in a standard 2 space rack-mountable steel chassis, with CNC routed black anodized aluminum face panel, the ProMPA II is designed to deliver years of reliable operation in the studio, production facility, or on the road for live sound reinforcement. Features: Variable Input Impedance For Flexible Microphone Voicing (150 Ohms To 2400 Ohms) Selectable Plate Voltage Large VU Meters Backlit Function Switches Discrete Class-A Input Microphone Preamplifier Low Noise at Lower Gain Setting...

    • ASIN: B00PJVA3MU
    • Color: MultiColored
    • Brand: ART
    • ASIN: B00PJVA3MU
    • UPC: 840402018360
    • Part No: ART PROMPAII