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  • General Tools 70399 Lighted Steel Claw Mechanical Pick-Up Tool, 36-Inch

    Reach into dark and hard-to-reach spaces using General Tools’ 36-Inch Lighted Pick-Up Tool. The flexible shaft bends and reaches into cramped areas such as under the couch, behind the dryer, in the attic and into the sink drain. The 36-Inch shaft allows for additional flexibility and reach for retrieving even the most out-of-reach items. Don’t fumble in the dimly lit spaces - the powerful LED light will brighten even the darkest corner. Simply press the handle control of the pick up tool to turn on the light, then continue to press to activate the 4-pronged steel reacher claw. Pick up items such as keys, rings, socks, screws and more without any added headache or effort - this tool is essential for every workspace and home. Details Push-on long-life white LED light bulb Continued push opens four-prong spring steel reacher claw Flexible, corrosion-resistant shaft Power source: Three ""LR41"" batteries (included) Specifications Shaft length: 36 in. Jaw opening: 1 in. max LED bulb life: 100,000 hours (typical) GENERAL TOOLS - THE PRECISE TOOL FOR DOING THE JOB EXACTLY RIGHT. Offering over 1,000 tools, we’re proud to provide tradesmen, craftsmen and DIYers around the world with a broad range of affordable, specific-purpose mechanical hand tools and precision measuring an...

    • ASIN: B002RHP7TS
    • Brand: General Tools
    • ASIN: B002RHP7TS
    • UPC: 640026896357
    • Part No: 70399

  • RAM-PRO 36" Flexible Grabber Pickup Tool, Extra Long Retractable Claw Retriever Stick, Snake & Cable Aid, Use to Grab Trash & a Drain Auger to Unclog Hair from Drains, Sink, Toilet & Clean Dryer Vents

    About Ram-Pro Flexible Pick-up Reacher and Grabber & Hair Drain Unblocker & Clog Remover Drain Relief Tool for Drain Cleaning.The Ram-Pro Grabber is 50% longer than regular pick-up claws, & can help in easily clearing clogged & slow running drains.If an item is accidentally dropped down the drain, the Grabber can provide full access to the drain for a quick & mess-free retrieval of the dropped item.The Grabber also helps with easily lifting the nails, screws, bolts & nuts that fall on the ground & not easily accessible, avoiding the need to move equipment or vehicles & also saving the back.This grabber can easily turn into a plumbing tool.To Clean Drain Clog:Simply insert drain declogger through most drains & strainers as it grabs obstructions at P-trap were most clogs occur.It works like a plumbing snake but with a difference. It provides a convenient way to grab the hairs to easily clear the clog.Flexible tool has drain cleaning burrs that snag & pull out hair, food, garbage & other obstacles that cause a clogged drain.You Get:1 3-Foot long telescopic Grabber with Press Handle on top & flexible wire on the bottom.Tool Benefits:Extremely Long.Picks up obstacles & debris effortless.Will retrieve your ring that fell into the sink or toilet.Much cheaper than a plumber.Literally ext...

    • ASIN: B01LM2L50I
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: RAM-PRO
    • ASIN: B01LM2L50I
    • UPC: 815518023447
    • Part No: 2344

  • Reacher Grabber Tool, 32" Foldable Grabber Reacher for Elderly, Lightweight Extra Long Handy Trash Claw Grabber, Reaching Assist Tool for Trash Pick Up, Nabber, Litter Picker, Arm Extension (Blue)

    Material Type: Aluminum alloyReacher grabber USES the premium aluminum alloy materials, you can pick up 3 pounds, don't worry aboutgrabber could break,it has a very comfortable handle and a rubber chuck, You can pick up smallobjects in red wine glasses and crevices.After surgery patients or elderly, act not convenient, don't need to bend over you can pickup the garbage in the garden, protection from already of lumbar spine, for children, it does not need to stand on a table or on the steps, you can easily get high objects. Use it for: Picking up trash and litter. Picking up broken glass pieces. Reaching under furniture and beds. Retrieving items in hard to reach cabinets. Picking up daily things such as the newspaper. Plus many many more uses. How to Use1. The arrow on the plastic part of the folding place is aimed at the groove on the aluminum alloy pole.2. The aluminum alloy chuck is inserted into the hole in the plastic part.3. Pull the handle switch, clamp the head to close, loosen the switch, clip the head to loosen.Number of packages: 1 PCS

    • ASIN: B078RMCFWQ
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: ZAYAD
    • ASIN: B078RMCFWQ
    • UPC: 192543434906
    • Part No: unknown

  • TEKTON 7597 36-Inch Claw Pick-Up Tool

    The TEKTON 36-Inch Claw Pick-Up Tool retrieves small, non-ferrous objects that magnets cannot. The flexible spring steel shaft is 36 in. long and has a spring-loaded, 4-prong steel claw.

    • ASIN: B000NPR3WU
    • Brand: TEKTON
    • ASIN: B000NPR3WU
    • UPC: 020209075975
    • Part No: 7597

  • Claw Magnetic Pick-up Tool, GOCHANGE LED 4 Claws Flexible Spring Claw/Magnet Grab Grabber Fingers Prongs 24'' with Bright LED light for Trash/Litter Pick up, Garden Nabber, Disabled, Arm Extension

    Claw Magnetic Pick-up Tool Magnet LED Light Grab Grabber Fingers Prongs 24" Features: 1.This Claw Magnetic Pickup Tool is flexible to reach tight places, has a LED light, 4 claws and a magnetic tip. 2.Retrieves both ferrous and non-ferrous objects. 3.Bright LED light provides excellent illumination to dark places. 4.Flexible shaft easily reaches confined spaces. 5.Durable chrome plated construction for heavy duty use, and will not rust. 6.Magnet securely holds small steel parts. 7.Claw firmly grasps small parts of any material 8.Press plunger and jaws opens wide / release plunger and jaws clamp shut. 9.Tightly wound spring snakes into tight dark areas to retrieve dropped objects. Specifications: Color: Red Material: plastic, steel wire, stainless steel and aluminum plastic pipe, steel sheet Weight: 250g Length: 60cm ( 24" ) Battery: 3 x Button Cell LR (included) Package Included: 1 x Claw Magnetic Pickup Tool (3 x Button Cell LR included)

    • ASIN: B01LA43Y8O
    • Brand: GOCHANGE
    • ASIN: B01LA43Y8O
    • Part No: GOCHANGEEtoopery872

  • Estwing Nail Puller - 12" Double-Ended Pry Bar with Straight & Wedge Claw End - DEP12

    Estwing’s 12" nail puller with attractive blue and yellow paint, has polished ends and is extremely strong and durable, this tool can pull a variety of fasteners. The nail puller claws are precise and sharp to remove imbedded or headless nails with ease and minimal wood damage. Shaped rounded head design gives you improved leverage. Precision thin claw design enables you to get into hard to reach places.

    • ASIN: B0015YPJMY
    • Brand: Estwing
    • ASIN: B0015YPJMY
    • UPC: 034139660019
    • Part No: DEP12

  • OEMTOOLS 25292 27 Inch Magnetic Claw Pickup Tool

    In 1919, Samuel Jacoff, a tool and die maker living in Pittsfield, MA, started a hacksaw blade manufacturing business with the help and support of his wife Sarah. When fire destroyed their building in 1929, they merged with another blade maker, Great Neck Manufacturing. In 1941, they purchased a handsaw company and constructed a new plant in Mineola, NY where they remain today. By 1971, Sam and his four sons built Great Neck in to a major force in the hand tool business by purchasing Buck Bros. , a Massachusetts chisel company, and Mayes Brothers, a level company from Tennessee. They also added a plastic extrusion plant. Today, almost a century later, a third and fourth generation are carrying Samuel and Sarah’s commitment to quality and value. They have made Great Neck a leading global supplier to the hardware, home improvement, sporting good, mass retail and automotive markets, and have distribution and manufacturing facilities around the world.

    • ASIN: B004FELJ0C
    • Brand: OEMTOOLS
    • ASIN: B004FELJ0C
    • UPC: 076812252920
    • Part No: 25292

  • NoCry Pick-up Tool Set - includes Flexible Claw Grabber Tool and Telescoping Magnet Pick-up Tool

    Telescoping Magnetic Pick-up Tool Specs: Magnetic attraction force strength: ≤ 16 lb Handle length: 5in Total extended length:30 3/4in Magnet head diameter: ⅗in Flexible Claw Grabber Tool: Total length: 36in Maximum liftable weight: 8.6lbs Total arm diameter: 15/64in Claw maximum diameter: 1in Can the magnetic pick-up tool really lift 16lb in weight? No. It's not intended for lifting heavy objects. To clarify, it has a magnetic attractive force of 16lb, meaning it can pull 16lb from side to side, not lift. Its ⅝ inch magnet is designed to retrieve, rather than lift, and has a maximum lifting capacity of 8.2lbs (great for picking up a fallen wrench or hammer). Lifting heavy items when the tool is fully extended might cause it to bend or break. Which materials will the magnet pick-up tool work best on? Pick up items made of iron, cobalt, hematite, nickel, and some forms of steel (generally, stainless steel is generally not magnetic, but in some cases it can be - depending on its mixture). However, it will not work on copper, aluminium, silver, gold, brass, chrome, lead, pewter, tin, and zinc. What sized objects can I pick up using the flex claw grabber tool? Fully pressing the finger friendly push and release handle will open the claw to its maximum diameter of 1 inch. The to...

    • ASIN: B07D23M5R7
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: NoCry
    • ASIN: B07D23M5R7
    • Part No: 15431479

  • Grabber Tool Grab Reach Tool 360 degree flexible gripper tool Four-claw magnetic pick-up tool with LED light, flexible waste picking tool (01-Picker)

    Product Name:Four-claw Magnetic Pickup Product features:Meet all your needs, strong grip, will not fall. It is flexible and easy to bend freely, full of elasticity, with a magnetic head, and an LED head at the head, which is convenient for working in a dark place. The pickup is small and long enough to pick up items in a narrow place. Such as sewers, crevices, under tables, car crevices, etc. can be picked up. Product introduction:Easy to use, as long as the handle grabs the place to go, four claws will come out to grab the items, release the automatic retraction. When you need to grab an item with iron, you only need to put the picker in front of the item, and you will draw it on your own. The magnetism is strong, and it won't fall in the weight-allowed range. There is a LED light on the head to pick up items in a dark place. Uses: This product is widely used, home, factory, auto repair, mechanics, engineering, etc. can be used. Solving your troubles and helplessness is a good helper in your life. How to use: Press the plunger at the handle (clamp, open wide/release plunger, jaw clamp). If you have any questions about our goods or services, please contact us first. We will do our best to solve the problem and provide you with the best service.

    • ASIN: B07BT3X4FV
    • Brand: Junrbx
    • ASIN: B07BT3X4FV
    • UPC: 799123311833

  • Studio 71 Wooden Clay Tool Set

    • ASIN:
    • Model: 1192-88
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: Clay Tool