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  • Homemade Clay Jug "Guelder-Rose"

    "Handmade Ceramic Beverage Clay Jug Clay is porous. In the same way, a clay pot is also porous. When you store water in a clay pot, the evaporation happens. This process causes cooling as water particles gain energy in the form of heat, then change to gas and get mixed with air.A clay pot has small holes visible at the microscopic level through which water seeps out and gains energy to become gas and gets evaporated causing cooling. This ceramic jug is molded of natural red clay and processed with fat milk between two terms of kilning with the use of milk. That is why the product has such beautiful shade and moisture-proof properties. You can keep and serve your favorite drinks in this clay jug. The product can put in an oven and a microwave as well. Benefits: Porous:: Clay is porous. In the same way, a clay jug is also porous. When you store water in a clay jug, the evaporation happens. This process causes cooling as water particles gain energy in the form of heat, then change to gas and get mixed with air. Alkaline: Another benefit of clay water jug is the alkaline nature of clay. The alkaline clay interacts with the acidity of water and provides the proper pH balance. This water can help curb acidity and in turn, provides relief from gastronomic pains. Features: Kilning Wit...

    • ASIN: B0104HATZY
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: MadeHeart | Buy handmade goods
    • ASIN: B0104HATZY

  • MAX FLORAL CAST Epoxy Resin System - Clear Simulated Water Epoxy for Floral Arrangements & Water Appearance (1 Gallon Kit))

    MAX TCR A/B -FLORAL CASTING is designed to simulate the appearance of water in an artificial floral arrangement. ● It offers crystal clarity, low viscosity and a long working time. ● The long working time helps reduce premature yellowing from exothermic heat and allows air bubbles to outgas and yields optically clear casting.● Upon cure, MAX TCR A/B exhibits a strong bond to the artificial arrangements, glass embeds, and the glass vase itself ● The embedded and florals are all resistant to pulling. ● It is designed to be flexible to prevent the glass vase from shattering caused by expansion and contraction, especially on a thin-walled glass vase.● MAX TCR A/B is mixed 1:1 by volume or by weight, sets in 24 hours and fully cures in 48 hours. ● Longer cure times may occur at when cured at cold temperatures. MAX TCR A/B works well as an embedding resin for diorama and display applications.

    • ASIN: B01NCX2VD3
    • Color: Part A - Clear, Part B - Clear
    • Brand: The Epoxy Experts
    • ASIN: B01NCX2VD3
    • Part No: MAXTCR128OZ

  • Opps White Ceramic Vases with differing Unique Rope Design for Home Décor – Set of 2

    -Still don't know how to decorate your office or home? -Still confuse what gifts can delight your family, friends or lovers? -Come and see it! -OPPS Unique White Ceramic Vases can be your PERFECT CHOICE! Color: WhitePACKAGE CONTENT: 1 X OPPS White Ceramic Vases (With Rope Design) 1 X OPPS White Ceramic Vases (Without Rope Design) ***Plants not included.*** VASE SIZE: White Vase: 7.6"H, 3"D; Rope Vase: 9.6"H, 2.8"D; We do provide 100% OPPS Satisfaction Guarantee and back up with 60 days warranty (defection, accidental damage, non-satisfaction), so don't worry about the problem of transport damage. If you are still have any questions, please contact me in time! We cannot guarantee this sale price for long - Be Sure To Click "Add to Cart" Now!

    • ASIN: B0734SLLNP
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Opps
    • ASIN: B0734SLLNP
    • UPC: 714497547749
    • Part No: OPPS-CV2

  • ArioCraft Handmade Decorative Ceramic Vase, Pottery Home Decor

    This is the cutest gift you can give to your loved one or warm your home with and also a delightful handmade ceramic vase. This decorative clay vase is individually hand painted with lots of love. It is created with a high standard of quality and very great color that does not fade. You can use it as a vase for fresh flowers or artificial ones.

    • ASIN: B072QLM4CK
    • Color: Turquoise
    • Brand: ArioCraft
    • ASIN: B072QLM4CK
    • UPC: 855228007191

  • Lavany® 3000 PCS Water Bullet Balls Water Beads Mud Grow Magic Jelly Balls ,Home Wedding Decorative (Yellow)

    ▶ Feature: ▶ Decor Wholesale 3000 Pcs / Water Soil bag ▶ ▶ Function: Non-fade, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, non-flammable. ▶ ▶ a great learning tool, children are busy for hours, having fun experience ▶ ▶ many uses for decoration for weddings, showers, centerpieces ▶ ▶ Ideal for sailing, silk & cut flower arrangements, centerpieces and more ▶ ▶ less expensive and more attractive than marbles or stones ▶ ▶ Ideal for home decor, floral crafts, departments and more ▶ ▶ glass balls umre easy to be made. ▶ ▶ How to make balls:180 mL / water balls 200 ▶ ▶ Set paintball in water for about 3-5 hours. ▶ ▶ Size: 9mm-11mm (aftering immersion in water) ▶ ▶ Note: The color of the water polo will become lighter after soaking ▶ ▶ This product delivery does not include the cup, do not soak, 3000pcs with PE bag packaging ▶ ▶ Choking hazard ▶ ▶ the elastic suction crystal is high swelling prohibited items to be placed in the mouth, so as not to cause damage ▶ ▶ Please use under adult supervision. ▶ ▶ Not store balls in the cold place. ▶ ▶ Not shoot the eyes. ▶ ▶ Note: there will be some 10-20pcs (1-2g ) errors in the quantity of the product in the measurement. hope you understand ▶ ▶ Package Included:3000 PCS Water B...

    • ASIN: B075FVVB7B
    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Lavany
    • ASIN: B075FVVB7B
    • UPC: 657148238835
    • Part No: 657148238828

  • tag Perennial Bud Stoneware Vases in Blue Red and Aqua Set of 3

    • ASIN: B07G2B432R
    • Brand: tag
    • ASIN: B07G2B432R
    • UPC: 025466011384

  • Bright Outdoors- Rain Barrel-Rain Water Catcher- Gray Plastic Artisan Clay Vase Design 50 Gallon Capacity with Planter Top Removable Debris Screen - Reinventing The Way You Save Rain Water

    VERY NICE LOOKING RAIN BARREL - It Is Perfect For Virtually Any Home. The Most Captivating Feature Is Its Appearance Which Emulates An Artisan Clay Vase In A Wicker Storage Bin. With A Deep Welled Top, You Can Plant An Array Of Floral Arrangements Or Even A Small Herb Or Vegetable Garden. Downspout Diverter, Rain Gutter, Rain Diverter, Rain Barrel Kit, 50 Gallon Water Tank. The Top Also Includes The Good Ideas Original, Integrated Overflow Channel. This Channel Automatically Diverts All Overflow Water To The Front Of The Barrel And Keeps Your Foundation From Flooding. The Large Opening Which Can Be Used For 2 X 3 Or 3 X 4 Downspouts Is Covered With A Soft, Fine Mesh, Plastic Screen. EASY TO INSTALL -This Screen Keeps Out Heavy Debris And Insects For Your Piece Of Mind. Also Included With The Barrel Are The Two, Offset Spigot Locations.

    • ASIN: B07PW99BZ6
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Bright Outdoors-
    • ASIN: B07PW99BZ6
    • UPC: 793686307029

  • iBathRugs Door Mat Indoor Area Rugs Living Room Carpets Home Decor Rug Bedroom Floor Mats,Art earthen Clay vase Water

    This iBathRugs Rugs is made of durable heat-resistant non-woven flannel top, with a neoprene rubber non-slip backing. They are stylish in design, perfect in size. Dry wet feet, grab dirt, dust and grime! Can be used as floor mats, bathroom mats, indoor mat and kitchen mat. Many sizes and shapes to choose from. Super fine fiber can be adsorbing small dust in the air, suitable for bedroom ,living room ,bedside ,study ,etc. This carpet can be used just about anywhere. It also will be a best item at festival time, parties, housewarmings and birthdays .Thousandsof surprising designs ,You can find a theme for everybody and every interest athere. If you have any problem or suggestion, please kindly contact us freely, we providefriendly, easy-to-reach support for you.

    • ASIN: B07QGL9GXJ
    • Brand: iBathRugs
    • ASIN: B07QGL9GXJ

  • Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay, 5-Pound, Gray

    Non-Hardening clay is fun and easy to use. Sargent Art non-hardening clay is suitable for the tiniest hands. It's very pliable.

    • ASIN: B00FR7TTF8
    • Brand: Sargent Art
    • ASIN: B00FR7TTF8
    • UPC: 042229277849
    • Part No: 22-7784

  • Growoya Vessel, Medium, Terracotta

    Meet the Oya. A traditional, natural way to save water, grow easy and get better plants. The Oya is a time-honoured clay vessel that is planted in the ground to naturally, perfectly water your garden—dramatically reducing water waste and watering effort. Just fill your Oya with water every few days and the rest is taken care of. Plant roots instinctively grow toward the porous clay of the Oya which allows them to take exactly the water they need when they need it, no more no less. The result is less water, easier growing and a more successful garden. 7" in diameter, 10" high. The opening is 1.75" in diameter. Holds 3 liters. Waters 3'x3' garden space.

    • ASIN: B01IWBF49K
    • Color: Terracotta
    • Brand: Growoya
    • ASIN: B01IWBF49K
    • UPC: 627843454717
    • Part No: 1020-2

  • Nearly Natural Phalaenopsis Orchid with Clay Vase (Set of 4)

    • ASIN:
    • Model: 4991-S4
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: Phalaenopsis Orchid w/Clay Vase