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  • Kerotin Enriching Moroccan Argan Oil - Naturally Enhances Dry, Damaged, Brittle & Frizzy Hair to Restore Vibrance - Helps Grow Healthy Hair & Smooth Skin with Pure Ingredients - 1 Fl Oz

    If You're Tired Of Dry & Frizzled Hair, You Will Love This Doctor-Recommended Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment It isn't easy finding a high quality argan oil hair treatment.Many brands use low-quality oil.Purity is all we care about when producing this oil. And we don't throw around the word "pure" like most companies do...Our product comes with 100%-Organic cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil.This cold pressing method produces a superior final product and it supports the Berber families that harvest and process the fruit.Workers go out into the fields and harvest the organically grown argan fruit. Then they set the fruit out in the heat to dry so they can remove the kernels from the pulp - these kernels are removed by hand by the Berber women working on the farm. It is still done by hand because the mechanical alternatives destroy the quality of the oil. The women then carefully roast these kernels, cooling them before they grind and press them by hand. What's left is a thick, brown mush. Finally, they filter the argan oil from the mash and leave it to rest in the sun for 2 weeks before they send it to our facility to have it bottled. As you can see, in every bottle of Kerotin Moroccan Argan oil, there is lots of hard work put into every bottle to assure you get the absolute best qualit...

    • ASIN: B0732TSYMH
    • Brand: K Kerotin
    • ASIN: B0732TSYMH
    • UPC: 646437626224
    • Part No: Kerotin Oil-1

  • Enriching the Hoosier Farm Family: A Photo History of Indiana’s Early County Extension Agents

    Imagine Indiana farms at the turn of the last century. What comes from the land sustains us. Our farms and families depend on it. Having a good or bad year can mean the difference between prosperity and your family going hungry. Farmers knew how to provide. Throughout the 1800s, parents had passed their best knowledge on to their sons and daughters, who in turn taught their children tried-and-true methods for managing a farm―methods that provided consistency in a world of droughts, disease, and fluctuating markets. Before they abandoned a hundred years of proven practices or adopted new technology, they would have to be convinced that it was in their best interest. Enter county extension agents. Indiana county extension agents took up their posts in 1912, at a crucial juncture in the advancement of agriculture. The systematic introduction of hybrid seed corn, tractors, lime, certified seed, cow-testing associations, farm bureaus, commercial fertilizers, balanced livestock diets, soybeans, and 4-H clubs were all yet to come. Many of the most significant agricultural innovations of the 1900s, which are commonplace today, were still being developed in the laboratories and experimental fields of land-grant colleges like Purdue University. Compiled from original county agent records...

    • ASIN: 1557537437
    • ASIN: 1557537437

  • THE BEST 100% Natural BUBBLE CLAY MASK (Cruelty Free & Very Ingredients) - MADE IN USA- Deep Cleaning, Enriching, Exfoliating & Moisturizing- VISIBLE DIFFERENCE OR- 100%Guarantee

    CARBONATED BUBBLE CLAY MASK (Cruelty Free) - 4 Ounce (makes 10 Ounce mask once mixed with water) Deep Cleaning & Moisturizing - All NATURAL&ORGANIC Clarifying face masque-FREE of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS) & PARABEN FREE. Premium, Made in USA - Brings Milky Softness, Removes Blackheads,Toxins & Exfoliates. Anti Acne, Rosacea. Long Term Use Reduces Age Spots, Scars & Fine Lines. Organic Oatmeal&Rice. Home-Spa-Pamper yourself. 4Oz net 114Grams. Over 20 Masque Facials- 100% money back guarantee Ingredients: Dead sea mud minerals, activated charcoal, kaolin, iron, bentonite, kaolin, sea clay, oatmeal, rice Directions for Use: Take two level teaspoons of Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask powder and mix well with double the amount of water. Wait for bubbles to settle down and then apply a thin layer on unwashed face. Wait for 5-10 minutes until bubbles settle down and then gently massage it all over the face. Rinse off with water. Gluten free, cruelty free Say goodbye to Acne, Pimples, blackheads, and breakouts don't stand a chance! As the mask dries, it pulls out the toxins and excess oils present in your skin from poor diet and atmospheric pollution. Incredible Anti-Aging: Get ready to turn back the hands of time! Packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, mud from the Dead Sea has been...

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    • Brand: T Escape
    • ASIN: B01E9S00C6
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  • Uniq One All-in-One Hair Treatment 5.1oz/150ml (Set of 12)

    Revlon Uniq One Superb New Revlon Product... Uniq ONE is a fantastic leave-on mask that offers TEN real benefits to ensure hair is left healthy beautiful and protected. Uniq ONE assists the repair of dry damaged hair controls frizz and shine provides heat protections promotes silkiness and smoothness stops hair colour from fading with UVA and UVB filters makes styling with brushes and hot styling tools easier contains detangling qualities provides long-lasting styles prevents split ends and adds voluminous body.

    • ASIN: B00VGE809C
    • Brand: Uniq One
    • ASIN: B00VGE809C
    • UPC: 797892101235
    • Part No: 432225037172

  • Vienna's Jojoba Hair Oil Treatment - Ultra Moisturizing - With Enriching Organic Coconut and Rose Oils - Promotes Growth - Adds Shine - Eliminates Dryness and Frizz - Light - 100% Natural - 4 Oz.

    Nourishing herbal oil blend with 25% healing jojoba oil, moisturizing organic coconut oil, and exquisite rose essential oil blend. Conditioning avocado oil and vitamin E oil for added hair health. Imparts luster and sheen without coating or greasy buildup. Hair strengthening pure essential oils blend.

    • ASIN: B004S80UVE
    • Brand: Vienna's Herbal Compounds
    • ASIN: B004S80UVE
    • UPC: 885663684886
    • Part No: VHCHAIR

  • Crafting Connections: Contemporary Applied Behavior Analysis for Enriching the Social Lives of Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    This is a major work that teaches authentic, appropriate social skills to students with autism as they navigate the social world. Crafting Connections not only provides concrete information on developing social skills but also instructs readers on how to assess competency, develop programs, and create social skills curricula. The book contains a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on Social Awareness, Social Communication, Social Interaction, Social Learning, and Social Relatedness. The authors present the methods and means to teach and individualize programs. Sub-skills, prerequisites, and methods of instruction are outlined for each area in a methodical, easy-to-read manner. There is an emphasis throughout on teaching interaction and creating authentic social competence. Real world issues such as teasing, bullying, conversational development and social comprehension are addressed in detail. The guide highlights skill development within a behavioral framework, providing quality social skill instruction to learners on the spectrum. Crafting Connections aims to foster genuine relationship development while remaining systematic and analytic; it goes beyond the rote and simplistic and helps develop social competencies as well as genuine meaningful, life enriching relationships. Th...

    • ASIN: 0975585991
    • Brand: Brand: Drl Books
    • ASIN: 0975585991

  • Aura Cacia Skin Care Oils - Sesame - 4 oz

    Sesame Oil is a natural vegetable oil useful for skin and hair care, massage, make - up removal, after bath, or as base oil for personalized aromatherapy blends. Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Expeller Pressed Sesame Oil 100% Pure, Cosmetic Use Only. Experience the luxury of Aura Cacia's 100% pure vegetable oils. Use alone or add 12 drops of essential oil per ounce for a custom - blended body oil that will give you softer feeling skin and soothe your soul. Indulge yourself and discover the benefits of Aura Cacia aromatherapy!

    • ASIN: B000I4ALQQ
    • Brand: Aura Cacia
    • ASIN: B000I4ALQQ
    • UPC: 784179654614
    • Part No: 191198

  • Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Intense Enriching Treatment , Fine 16.7 fl oz (500 ml)

    Designed for fine, thin hair types Lightweight moisture Increases volume and shine Pump life back into fine, thin tresses with Kerastase's Masquintense Fine Hair Treatment. The professional-grade formula provides a dose of moisture to restore the health of hair while also creating volume. Allow the product to sit on hair for five minutes before rinsing.

    • ASIN: B0038Q59H2
    • Brand: Kerastase
    • ASIN: B0038Q59H2
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  • Brahms: Symphonies Nos. 1 - 4 (3CD)

    The Original Jackets Series from Warner Classics focuses on the greatest recording from the past and reissues them with the original artwork from their first release.

    • ASIN: B01883C15C
    • Brand: Warner Bros.
    • ASIN: B01883C15C
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  • PURE + SIMPLE Duet Lip Balm Collection, vegan, set of 5 tubes, Peppermint Patchouli, Lavender Vanilla, Rose Lavender, Orange Vanilla, Orange Peppermint, soothes and heals.

    Duet Lip Balm Collection100% vegan lip balm | lip glossThe PURE + SIMPLE secret to soft lips! ♦ 100% Vegan, Natural, Healing, Lip Treatment♦ Loaded with skin rejuvenating, lip plumping, healing, natural oils, Vitamin E complex, and healing essential oils ♦ Contains an exquisite blend of steam distilled natural essential oils♦ No animal testing, synthetic flavors or fragrances♦ Healing, soothing, smooth, and creamy lip balm!♦ Moisturizing, cruelty free, botanical, glossier natural lip balm that lasts for hours! ♦ Your satisfaction is guaranteed! ♦ This lip balm collection Includes: Peppermint Patchouli, Lavender Vanilla, Rose Lavender, Orange Peppermint, and Orange Vanilla Lip Balms ♦ Each tube contains .15 ounce of lip balm.

    • ASIN: B01MG1XTBA
    • Brand: PURE + SIMPLE
    • ASIN: B01MG1XTBA
    • UPC: 702168639046
    • Part No: 11005 2NR

  • Enrich Moisturizing Treatment, For Coarse Hair By Wella, 16.9 Oz

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    • Size: Small, Medium, Large