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  • E-Z Flow Heavy Duty Air Filter, MERV 4, 20 x 30 x 1-Inch, 12-Pack

    This is a standard grade furnace filter of the same type that has been protecting furnaces and central air conditioners around the world for over 50 years. The filtering medium is continuous filament spun glass. The frame is made with one continuous piece of chipboard to guard against corner separation. A tough metal media retainer is adhered to the frame on both upstream and downstream sides for extra filter strength. For peak equipment protection and energy efficiency, these filters should be changed monthly in periods of high use. Buy a case and be set for the year!

    • ASIN: B00209B3I2
    • Brand: Flanders
    • ASIN: B00209B3I2
    • UPC: 885411107124
    • Part No: 10255.01203

  • FilterBuy 10x30x1 MERV 13 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter, (Pack of 4 Filters), 10x30x1 – Platinum

    The AFB Platinum MERV 13 furnace / air filter is a best in class, hospital grade filter. The Platinum filter by AirFilterBuy offers the best level of filtration possible while still allowing a traditional residential or business HVAC unit to function efficiently. The AFB Platinum filter removes very fine particles from the air in your home, as well as potential allergens like mold, pet dander, bacteriaóeven particles that carry viruses. We recommend the AFB Platinum filter for use by homes or offices occupied by people suffering from asthma or other respiratory illness. Whenever you are choosing an air filter, make sure that you compare the nominal and actual size of the furnace filter that you are replacing. In this case, the ‘nominal’ size of the filter is 10x30x1 while the ‘actual’ size of the filter is 9 7/8 x 29 3/4 x 3/4". Generally, the nominal size is rounded and in bigger print while the actual size is in smaller print and in parenthesis to the side. The AFB Platinum MERV 13 filter is designed to last 3 months, or 3 times the average fiberglass filter. The filters ship directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep, allowing AFB the ability to offer a premium product at a reasonable price. Each quantity purchased is for a pack of 4 filters. Note that AFB f...

    • ASIN: B00CJZ6GNY
    • Brand: FilterBuy
    • ASIN: B00CJZ6GNY
    • Part No: AFB10x30x1M13pk4

  • AIRx Filters Health 20x30x1 Air Filter MERV 13 AC Furnace Pleated Air Filter Replacement Box of 6, Made in the USA

    AIRx Filters Health MERV 13 20x30x1 air filter is your ultimate solution for your air quality concern. The electrostatically charged 100% synthetic gradient media that does not support microbiological growth in the filter attracts and captures very small particles that includes lint, dust, pollen, dust mite debris, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, smog, bacteria, and virus carriers. This MERV 13 pleated air filter removes impurities for a cleaner air with typical application air filter for smoke removal, health care facilities, and commercial workspaces. Moisture resistant double-wall beverage board material inhibits mold and mildew growth caused by moisture. A sturdy 30 gauge galvanized expanded metal grid is used in constructing the filter. The AIRx Filters Health MERV 13 20x30x1 air filter is capable of working in 180f (82c) continuous service, peak 225f (107c) maximum temperature and resistant to 100% r.h. maximum humidity. Indoor air remains healthy when the air filter is replaced once every three months or sooner if the indoor air includes a large quantity of contaminants.

    • ASIN: B072L3FGHS
    • Color: White
    • Brand: AIRx Filters
    • ASIN: B072L3FGHS
    • UPC: 817768020238
    • Part No: 20x30x1-HEALTH

  • Breville BR-1 Mesh Filter Basket for JE95XL, JE98XL, BJE200XL Juicers

    Replacement Mesh Filter Basket BR-1, Fits Breville JE95XL, JE98XL, BJE200XL

    • ASIN: B007WW4AGY
    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: Breville
    • ASIN: B007WW4AGY
    • UPC: 741360840010
    • Part No: JE98XL/26

  • 20x30x1 ElectraGOLD Lifetime Furnace Filter

    The ELECTRA GOLD provides over 94% Dust Arrestance in a premium quality Extruded Stainless Steel, Gold Anodized frame with a durable and attractive finish. At the heart of this filter are three layers of high arrestance material sandwiched between 2 layers of expanded steel. A special Impregnated black Polypropylene has an EPA registered anti-microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth while the center non-woven layer retains debris in a maze of fibers designed to maximize air flow even when soiled. Rated by independent testing laboratory at over 94% peak arrestance, this filter has 10 times the arrestance of a disposable fiberglass filter.

    • ASIN: B00C3KKREE
    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Kilowatts Energy Center
    • ASIN: B00C3KKREE
    • Part No: EG203001

  • Best 30x30x1 Air Filters | 4 Pack | MERV 8 HVAC Pleated AC Furnace Filters, Protection Against Mold and Pollen, Allergen Reduction, Increases Air Quality | Actual Size 29.5x29.5x1

    Filter King 30x30x1 size air filters are made to protect your homes accommodating air systems from incoming airborne particles. Air systems like HVAC's or furnaces need filters in place to keep the incoming airflow free of intruding particles. Our 30x30x1 size air filter consists of a tight mesh weaving that keeps airflow coming in and raises a home's indoor air quality. The air filter will stop a full range of irritants but become dirty in the process and require replacement. Dirty air filters are a problem for your home; you should replace them as soon as possible to avoid any issues. When your air filters are dirty, they are capable of causing a range of problems that only grow worse over time. Over time, the dirty air filters will cause an increase in billing and a strain on your air system. You will need new air filters installed to keep the airflow in your home traveling smoothly. Our premium air filters rank as an eight on the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) scale and can block out particles like pollen, dust, mold, dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, smoke. viruses

    • ASIN: B07FQWJPB1
    • Color: MERV 8
    • Brand: Filter King
    • ASIN: B07FQWJPB1
    • Part No: FKFB30X30


    1 FILTER, ACTUAL SIZE IS 1/2" LESS THAN STATED DIMENSIONS LIKE ALL STANDARD FILTERS! Meets manufacturer specifications for low initial resistance to air flow. A combination of woven and unique high loft polypropylene enclosed in a nominal 1" or 2" metal frame. No modifications needed to the furnace No electrical connections needed, air flow charges filter Helps remove tobacco smoke Improves the air for allergy sufferers Cuts down on dusting Eliminates many odors Filter should outlast your furnace These filters are recommended to be washed out every 4 to 6 weeks. Remove your filter and use a vacuum to remove dust. Then use water to rinse the opposite direction of the airflow that you had the filter installed. A light cleaner such as dish or laundry soap can be used to remove cigarette smoke or other contaminants. Rinse the filter out very well, allow it to dry and put it back in your unit. Do not leave your filter out in sunlight or high heat situations for any long period of time. The 1" has 4 layers of lifetime expanded aluminum and 2 layers of electrostatic filter media for a total 6 STAGE FILTRATION!. The 2" has 5 layers of lifetime expanded aluminum and 2 layers of electrostatic media for a 7 STAGE FILTRATION! Researchers now agree there may be a greater number of irritating ...

    • UPC: 798167939300

  • Rusco FS1 1/2-500 500 Mesh 1 1/2 Spin-Down Polyester Filter Screen

    Rusco FS-1-1/2-500 Polyester Screened Filter Element Replacements:. Rusco 1.5C Spin-Down Replacement Filter Cover. Rusco 1.5B Replacement Filter Head. Rusco 1-1/2-100-F Spin-Down Filter System. Rusco 1.5OR Replacement O-Ring Kit. Rusco SS1.5 Sun Shield is an optional accessory to block sunlight from coming through the clear cover. Rusco .5FV Replacement Manual Flush Valve. The Rusco AFV Automatic Flush Valve is an optional accessory for automating the flushing of the Rusco filter system. The Rusco Sediment Filter is designed to remove virtually all types of sediment, including shale, shell, debris, pipe scale, sand, and grit (course, fine, and very fine). The amount of sediment removed by the Rusco filter screen will depend on the micron rating of the filter screen. Smaller micron rated filter screens will remove smaller particles of sediment from your water. By removing larger sediment particles from your water, you are preserving the life of appliances and filter cartridges that may be installed after the Rusco sediment filter system. Screen Mesh Size: 500. Micron Rating: 30. Contaminant Reduction: Shale, shell, debris, pipe scale, and sand/grit (course, fine, and very fine). Inlet/Outlet Pipe Size dimension: 1.5".

    • ASIN: B007KDYLAK
    • Color: white
    • Brand: Rusco
    • ASIN: B007KDYLAK
    • UPC: 160921459643
    • Part No: FS-1-12-500

  • 16x25x1 (15.63 x 24.63) Metal Mesh Filter (2 Pack)

    Metal Mesh filters are designed and constructed using a durable aluminum frame with mitered corners to enclose the media element and are secured with rivets. Aluminum media elements are comprised of multiple layers of aluminum that have been slit, expanded and bonded together to form a progressive density design for optimal and even dust loading.

    • ASIN: B01N0OEFVL
    • Brand: Accumulair
    • ASIN: B01N0OEFVL
    • UPC: 886566274198
    • Part No: GM16X25X1_2

  • 20" X 30" Re-Useable Mesh HVAC Filter for Return Air Filter Grille

    20" X 30" Re-Useable Mesh HVAC Filter for Return Air Filter Grille This Matches Our Aluminum Model Grilles Sold Here On Amazon - See Asin: B01M00HSSS This Filter is For The 12 x 12 Grille Model - Actual Filter Size is 10 x 10 by 0.4 Inches Thick HVAC Premium has been providing superior in quality service for many many years. Our products are second to none, and we've helped numerous contractors, DIY projects, and home improvement remodeling specialists complete their masterpiece. If you are looking for a top of the line unit to enhance your project look no further than HVAC Premium. We have the largest selection of Grilles Registers & Diffusers. HVAC Premium has sold over 5,000,000 Grilles - We are proud of our many happy customers. FINE NYLON Mesh Filter with Aluminum Anodized Frame SAVE MONEY & The Environment by Using A Filter That Can Easily Be Cleaned QUALITY PACKAGING Carefully Shrink Wrapped With Solid Cardboard Backing To Prevent Damage In Shipment - Hand Inspected for Quality 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Don't worry, you're covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Click Add to Cart now & enjoy a new updated refreshing look of your room!

    • ASIN: B071FHH52R
    • Color: White
    • Brand: HVAC Premium
    • ASIN: B071FHH52R
    • UPC: 638455385221
    • Part No: RF-M-2030

  • 10x20x0.5 (9.63 x 19.63 x 0.5) Metal Mesh Filter

    • ASIN:
    • Model: GM10X20X0.5
    • Size: 10x20x10x20x0.5

  • 16x25x1/4 (15.63x24.63) 1/4 Inch Metal Mesh Filter

    • ASIN:
    • Model: GM16X25X0.25
    • Size: 16x25x0.2516x25x