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  • Fotodiox Pro Softbox 48x72" with Eggcrate Grid and Speedring for Bowens Gemini Standard, Classica Powepack, R Series, Rx Series and Pro Series Strobe Flash

    The Fotodiox Pro Softbox is a sturdy and economical version of the standard softbox designs available today and is perfect for studio and multi-day shooting. It is made with Fotodiox's high quality reflective and diffusive materials. The dome of the softbox is made of durable pro-grade omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with black backing. The softbox also features a white diffusive baffle inside the dome to provide softer lighting as needed. An outer, white diffusive cover closes the front of the softbox and is attached by velcro making varied lighting options quick and easy. The dedicated speedring is specifically designed for your strobe light to fit standard softboxes, both rectangular and strip boxes.Compatible Lights (including but not limited to): Bowens Gemini, Calumet Travelite, Interfit (Stellar, X, XD, Stellar Extreme, Venus), JTL (Versalight-D & E), Neewer (DS & GS), Savage (FT-150), Westcott (Skylux, Strobelite Plus), Impact brand (VC, VS & VSD), Photoflex, and Rime Lite

    • ASIN: B006P2CD1Q
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Fotodiox
    • ASIN: B006P2CD1Q
    • UPC: 847372008728
    • Part No: 11SBX-4872-KIT-Bowens

  • Neewer 32 inches/80 centimeters Octagonal Softbox with Blue Edges, S-Type Bracket Holder (with Bowens Mount) and Carrying Bag for Speedlite Studio Flash Monolight, Portrait and Product Photography

    Note: Flash and Light Stand are NOT included. (1)Softbox with Blue Edges Designed to diffuse a strobe flash, offering you better even lighting. It's necessary in any professional portrait studio. The light diffusion surface diameter is 32"/80cm, with wide range of applications, suitable for portrait or product photography. It is a soft box when being spread and like an umbrella when being folded, easy to use. Comes with a silver reflective interior and a flush front face. Can be used with flashes and some studio flash lights with umbrella hole. Spread Surface: 32"/ 80cm Shape: Octagon Color: Black/Silver(outer/inner) Material: Nylon Material, Aluminum Shaft (1)S-type Flash Speedlite Bracket Mount Reliable Mounting: Firm clamp between 2 pieces of soft plastic, no pressure or metal scratches to your speedlite. Installation: Quick and Direct use (No pre-assembly & post-disassembly). Smaller size, lighter weight, less space occupied. Umbrella input hole included as further support to your studio practices and lighting direction is adjustable via handle support. Material: Durable Plastic Size: 5.9x 2.2x 8.7"/ 15x 5.5x 22cm Weight: 14.5ouce/ 410g Devices support(NOT included): Speedlites(Nikon SB910 SB900, Canon 600EX 580EX/II 550EX/II, etc.), Softboxes(Bowens mount supported), Beauty ...

    • ASIN: B075RZBLLD
    • Color: Black+Blue
    • Brand: Neewer
    • ASIN: B075RZBLLD
    • UPC: 191073027275
    • Part No: 1

  • CRAPHY Professional Photo Studio Soft Box Lights Continuous Lighting Kit 3x135W 5000K Bulbs + 20"x25" Softbox + 80" Light Stand + Carrying Bag

    However amazing the vision of a photographer may be, however sharp their lens and regardless of the number of pixels on their camera's sensor, the shot can only succeed if the lighting is right. We help you make the lighting right. Features: (3 x) 20"x25" Photography Studio Softbox with E27 Light Holder Made of imported fabric high-reflecting and heat-resistant material The refraction reflective capacity is twice as common particles of reflective cloth Color: Black/Silver (Out/In) Soften lighting for reducing overexposure and hot spots A Detachable Curtain and a small soft cloth to provide soft, shadow free illumination Size: 20"x25" (3 x) 80" Professional Studio Photo Light Stand Durable steel construction Lightweight & durable materials; stable & robust construction 3 section centre column & easy height adjustment Highly compatible with 1/4" Screw Aluminum alloy-light and durable. coarse diameter design-improve the stability Adjustable Height: 27"-80" (3 x) 135W Soft White Bulb Lighting Set Equals to 1000W regular incandescent light bulb output Designed for umbrella reflectors Color temperature: 5500K E27 socket, suitable for any light holder with E27 socket Style: mushroom/umbrella shaped spiral Protected by Styrofoam Packing (1 x) Boom Arm Reflector Holder K...

    • ASIN: B06XQ1W14X
    • Color: 135W
    • Brand: CRAPHY
    • ASIN: B06XQ1W14X
    • UPC: 712073188775
    • Part No: SHOX-012

  • Photoflex Small SilverDome nxt Softbox 16x22"

    The SilverDome nxt works with both continuous lights and strobes and is an essential element for all digital and video lighting. Its perfect for use with the Starlite Recessed and Removable Front Face Removable Diffusion Baffle Eliminates hot spots (not available in Small or Extra Small) Quick-Release Corners Vented on Four Sides.

    • ASIN: B00009XVI6
    • Brand: Photoflex
    • ASIN: B00009XVI6
    • UPC: 799245002862
    • Part No: FVSD1S

  • HAVOX - Photo Booth HPB-200 -Dimension 47"x32"x78" - Super Bright LED Lighting 5500k - CRI 93 - Make Your Commercial Photos e-Commerce

    INTRODUCING: The HAVOX Photo booth HPB-200At HAVOX, we believe the product photography process doesn't have to be complicated. We have made it our mission to make taking beautiful, high quality product photos easier than ever. Designed for users of any skill level, all of our photo studios help you create professional quality images from the convenience of your own home or office. With a variety of sizes and lighting options, we give you the ability to choose the perfect photo studio to cater to your photography needs. The real difference in our photo studios are our premium SMD LED photo lights. This lighting allows you to take vibrant professional photos at a much higher quality than photo studios using neon or fluorescent lights. The HPB-160 photo booth boasts 432 SMD LED photo lights, a color temperature of 5500k, a luminous flux up to 30,000 lumens, and a Color Rendering Index of 93+. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to take commercial photos with a professional result. As a result, we have included a a detailed user manual that makes it easy for you to adjust your camera to gain the best picture quality quickly and effortlessly.

    • Brand: HAVOX
    • Part No: Havox studio200cm

  • Professional 47"x20"x55" Photo LED Large Cube Shooting Tents Photography Continuous Lighting Video Studio Dimmable Lightbox Softbox with 3 Colors PVC Backdrops and Carrying Bag

    Product Name:Professional 47x20x55inch Photo Video Studio Dimmable LED Large Cube Shooting Tent Photography Continuous Lighting Lightbox Softbox with 3 Colors PVC Backdrops and Carrying Bag Features: 1. The light box utilizes a specially woven and heat resistant silver reflector, which delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows and reflective glare 2. Three color background boards provide super white, dark or soft light reflection and create an infinite field of depth 3. Tow shooting holes allow you to shoot in different angles for different objects 4. Very easy to set up. The frame of the shooting box can be set up by convenient joints. And the tent body is built with zippers Package Include: 1x Photo tent (47*20*55inch/120*50*140cm) 12x Diameter 1.6cm Shed rod 1x Hanger rod (47inch/120cm) 3X Background 2x Clip 9x Three way adapter 2x Hook 6X LED Light board (96 LEDs each) 3x AC Dimmable adapter 3x Soft light cloth 1x Carry bag

    • ASIN: B073JC59QK
    • Color: Dimmable 47*20*55inch
    • Brand: Konseen
    • ASIN: B073JC59QK
    • UPC: 642940301108
    • Part No: C5091-ZYP

  • Godox Deep Parabolic Softbox P90H, 36'' Quick Collapsible Softbox High Temperature Resistant for Bowens, Studio Flash Speedlite, Interfit and Compatible Lights (Metal)

    Specifications: Diameter: 90cm Depth: 69.4cm Bowen Mount(aperture diameter: 6.8mm) Material Inside: Silver embossed linings Material Outside: Grid Fabric Package included: 1 x Godox Parabolic Softbox 1 x Umbrella Mount 16 x Umbrella Bones 1 x Outer Diffuser 1 x Inner Diffuser 1 x Reflective Liner 1 x Carry Bag 1 x INSSTRO Cleaning Cloth

    • Brand: Godox
    • Part No: InUS-S-0208038

  • CRAPHY 440W Professional Studio Flash Strobe Photography Light Lighting Kit 8CH RT Monolight 50cmx65cm Softbox Strobe Set with 4xGels (Translucent,Blue,Red,Yellow) Carrying Bag for Portrait

    (2 ×) 220W Studio Strobe Lights Flash Output: 160W Color Temperature: 5600k±100k Power Voltage: AC110-130V/60Hz & AC220-240V/50Hz Recharging Time: 0.5-1.2s Flash Power control is 1.0-6.0 1/32 stepless adjustment Flash Triggering Method: Photocell(sync flash), sync cable, test button Model Lamp: 60W Lamp Holder: E27 Recycle Indication: buzzer Comes with cooling fan & over-heat protection(2 ×) 20"(W) x 25"(L) Rectangular Softboxes & (2 ×) Small Soft Cloth Made of imported fabric high-reflecting and heat-resistant material Color: Black/Silver (Out/In) Bowens Bayonet Design - suitable for most flash Double Soft Cloth - softer Light Soften lighting to reduce overexposure and hot spot (2 ×) 80" Professional Studio Photo Light Stands Can be used as light stand and camera stand Adjustable Height: 27"-80" Made of three knots aluminum, stable, lightweight and portable 1/4" Screw Quick Release Levers - full and smooth height adjustments Compatible with reflector umbrella, softboxes, lights, backgrounds, etc. (1 ×) Transmitter & (1 ×) Receiver Channel: 8 Transmitter Power: 23A 12V mini type battery Receiver Power: AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz Work Frequency: 433MHz (1 ×) Barn Door with Honeycomb & 4-Colored Gels Color Gels: blue, red, yellow, translucent. 1 × Honeycomb Universal - fit any...

    • Brand: CRAPHY
    • UPC: 712073188782
    • Part No: #22M

  • Selens Parabolic Softbox 75 inches / 190 Centimeters, Hexadecagon Deep Portable and Quick Folding Softbox Diffuser with Bowen Mounts for Studio Light and Speedlite Flash

    This umbrella soft box is Hexadecagon, make light more uniform than octagon. The opening Diameter is 190cm. Quick and easy way to produce beautiful diffused light. Designed for digital and film cameras. Silver embossed linings that are highly reflective and heat resistant and create pleasing light sources. Double layered inner diffusion panel is positioned in the middle to eliminate hot spot. Use snap fastener to attach or detach the panel. Sock style front diffusion panel is integrated to large models for quick set up and tear down. Features Brand new and high quality More beautiful and uniform light than octagon umbrella. All metal high quality construction. Easy to assemble. Through the zippered bottom, zipper closes tight to stand so no light is lost Designed for digital and film cameras. Package Including 1 * Umbrella fabric 1 * Soft cloth 1 * umbrella mount 16 * Umbrella bones 1 * Carry Bag

    • ASIN: B013UXHK1A
    • Color: 75 inch+Bowen Mount
    • Brand: Selens
    • ASIN: B013UXHK1A
    • Part No: 75 inch+Bowen Mount

  • Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (38")

    The Glow EZ Lock 38" DEEP PARABOLIC SOFTBOX is an ingenious portable version of the light modifier famous for stunning fashion and portraiture images showcasing the incomparable safe and sure EZ Lock system. No more clumsy construction, fumbling with flex resistant rods or struggling in frustration for careful alignment of speedring holes. The 16-ribbed softbox opens up and closes down, 'umbrella style.' The ingenious self-catch EZ Lock surrounds a thick center shaft, providing a comfortable place for your fingers to push-lock the mechanism open, and a generous wide button to unlock-release and close the softbox painlessly. The quick-to-setup deep parabola bullet like assembly has all the advantages of a metallic magnum style reflector without the delicate nature. This folding unit is made for the road or studio, with sturdy aluminum support rods for structural stability and extraordinary fabric strength. Quick and easy EZ Lock system for safe and sure setup Fast. Slick mechanism glides smoothly along the shaft. Easy. No hassles in opening and closing. Locks. EZ Lock is a breeze to use and unlocks without a struggle. Diffused lighting. The best balance of soft and power in umbrella design. Larger effective light source. Covers the subject with an even light fall. Perfect for ...

    • ASIN: B07CXD8177
    • Brand: Glow
    • ASIN: B07CXD8177
    • UPC: 840014197798
    • Part No: EZ-SB-38

  • Icarus Silicone Heat Resistant Proof Station Mat, Tool Mat, Tray Mat

    • ASIN:
    • Model: MT-80
    • Color: White
    • Size: 16" x 11"16\" x 11\"