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  • Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. For Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in the USA!

    HISTORY Leather Honey is the best leather conditioner, made in the USA and hand-bottled by the same family for nearly 50 years. The original leather conditioner formula, developed in 1968, is still used today. Our time-tested brand has millions of satisfied customers. BETTER THAN THE REST Leather Honey rejuvenates and conditions old leather, protects and softens new leather. Our leather conditioner formula is non-toxic and water, snow and rain repellent. Leather Honey is proven to penetrate deep into the leather's pores, increasing flexibility and durability. PRODUCT USES Leather Honey prolongs the life of boots, leather furniture, saddles and tack, gloves, baseball mitts, apparel, upholstery and automobile and motorcycle seats and accessories. Our leather conditioner leaves your leather feeling and looking beautiful. For use on all leather but suede. While our leather conditioner may darken some leather; original color typically returns in time. LONG-LASTING FORMULA Our long-lasting leather conditioner formula means one application lasts six months or longer -- other less-effective products require application once a month. Leather Honey penetrates deep into the leather, hydrating the individual fibers from the inside out. Other leather conditioning products merely sit on the su...

    • ASIN: B003IS3HV0
    • Brand: Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
    • ASIN: B003IS3HV0
    • UPC: 857834002034
    • Part No: 8OZ

  • Angelus 1 oz Acrylic Leather Paint (Vachetta)

    Angelus Acrylic Leather Paints are brilliant in color and are used for decorating, staining, or edging smooth leather and vinyl articles. Ideal for painting special areas on western boots, belts, tennis shoes, purses, jackets, etc. Angelus Leather Paint, when dry, will not peel, crack, or rub-off. Waterbased for easy clean up. 1oz. Freezable.

    • ASIN: B01M4JBKVH
    • Color: Vachetta
    • Brand: Angelus
    • ASIN: B01M4JBKVH
    • UPC: 636123146617
    • Part No: 6-

  • Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Kit (16 oz) (2 Items)

    The Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Kit will breathe new life into your leather. Achieve the natural look and feel of soft, fantastic leather with the Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. The Leather Cleaner and Conditioner are both OEM approved, and are colorless and odorless so they will assure the natural leather scent and color are left intact. Leather is absolutely stunning when it is treated and cared for properly. Cleaning and conditioning is very important to keep leather looking its best. Mistreated or neglected leather can result in dried, aged and cracked leather. Treat your leather right with Chemical Guys Leather Cleaners and Conditioners.

    • ASIN: B001TJ3HUG
    • Color: Mixed
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • ASIN: B001TJ3HUG
    • UPC: 885695182251
    • Part No: SPI_109_16

  • TRU Ball Archery Honey Badger Claw Release Aid | 3 Finger | Medium | Quick Silver Finish | THBC-QS-3M | 2019 New

    Thank you for choosing Conqueror Outdoors!! [email protected] Products continue to be the best archery products that money can buy. Archers around the world have proven these products by winning gold. Silver. And bronze medals. By becoming the #1 archers in the world. By harvesting their dream trophy animals. Or simply shooting their best score at their local tournaments. The best shooters in the world choose our equipment over any others whether you're on the shooting line or in a tree stand. You can be confident knowing that your equipment is truly the best and has been rigorously tested in the most demanding environments! Want to get your Champion trophy in the next tournament? You need a reliable Release to help you to win the game easier!!!

    • ASIN: B07MP1NLKC
    • Brand: T.R.U. BALL
    • ASIN: B07MP1NLKC
    • UPC: 762550264812

  • Leather Conditioner, Scratch Repair | Leather Milk Healing Balm - Heals & Restores Dry, Cracked, Scratched Leather | All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Cosmetic Grade | Made in USA | Includes Absorption Sponge

    Chamberlain s Leather Milk| Healing Balm| 4 oz Tin| Comes with a Premium Fine Pore Scrubbing Absorbtion Sponge| Made in Texas| All Natural Non Toxic| CLM HB 4| How to use the Healing Balm 1 Clean your leather Test your cleaner first Apply gently and cleanse as much as you keep pulling out grime and dust but donrsquo t let your leather become too dry If your leather starts feeling super dry ndash and if you are treating cracked leather chances are itrsquo s already going to feel pretty dry by the time you start ndash itrsquo s a good time to add conditioner When treating leather thatrsquo s been neglected for a while itrsquo s good to at least give it one treatment of cleaner before you begin just to remove the layers of dust that have had time to settle inside the leatherrsquo s pores 2 Apply Healing Balm over the scratch/cut/crack using your finger or the application sponge that came with it You are doing detail work here rather than giving the leather a complete layer of conditioner The leather may absorb Healing Balm reasonably quickly owing to its thirstiness so just apply a small amount right now and make sure you test it first before you apply After you have applied Healing Balm to the distressed area smooth the leatherrsquo s color out with an even complete spread of stand...

    • ASIN: B01MT0WOYO
    • Brand: Chamberlain's Leather Milk
    • ASIN: B01MT0WOYO
    • UPC: 711811675379
    • Part No: CLM-HB-4

  • Dansko Women's Professional Mule, Honey Distressed, 37 M EU / 6.5-7 B(M) US

    The professional, our iconic clog loved by millions, delivers unbeatable comfort and all-day support.

    • ASIN: B01HH8WCGM
    • Color: Honey Distressed
    • Brand: Dansko
    • ASIN: B01HH8WCGM
    • UPC: 673088219116
    • Part No: 306-581464

  • Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner 8 oz - Best Since 1882 - Cleaner & Conditioner - Restore Polish & Protect All Smooth Finished Leathers

    PRODUCT USE: Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner is specially formulated to condition, clean, polish and preserve all smooth finished leather. Bick 4 is ideal for reconditioning old or dry leather. Bick 4 will not darken finished leather or leave unwanted residue behind on any leather products. Try Bick 4 on leather clothing, furniture, sofas, car interiors, seats, jackets, purses, handbags, etc. Safe for use on all exotic skins DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Always test on a small, hidden area before use. If your leather is very dirty make sure to first clean with Bickmore Bick 1 leather cleaner. Once clean, apply Bick 4 liberally with a cloth let dry and buff. Repeat as necessary. Do not use on suede, roughout, distressed, napped, or any pre treated leathers. MADE IN THE USA: Bickmore is proud to produce all Bickmore Bick 4 in the United States of America. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you are unhappy with our product for any reason please contact us and we will do everything we can to make it right.

    • ASIN: B001CS2Q4M
    • Color: white
    • Brand: Bickmore
    • ASIN: B001CS2Q4M
    • UPC: 751241000037
    • Part No: FBA_10FPR107

  • Beesworks® Beeswax Pellets, Yellow, 1lb-Cosmetic Grade-Triple Filtered Beeswax.

    More about Beeswax: Beesworks Beeswax is 100% natural beeswax pellets. A bee consumes an estimated 6-10 lbs (3-4.5 kg) of honey for each pound of the wax it secretes. After honey removal, the comb is melted to produce the beeswax. Our beeswax is filtered to remove impurities. Beeswax pellets are the most convenient and easiest form of beeswax to use. Pellets are very easy to measure in the precise portions needed for the many applications that use beeswax. The uniform size of the pellets allow for quick and easy melting. Beeswax has a high melting point range, of 144 to 149 °F (62 to 65 °C). If beeswax is heated above 185 °F (85 °C) discoloration occurs. Additional Ways to Use Beeswax: - Use to wax linen (thread) before sewing or use it to bring the edges of your leather journal to a high gloss. - Beeswax reduces inflammation, softens skin, and has antioxidant properties, so it is commonly used as a thickener and emulsifier for salves and lotions - Hot Tip for Summer: Use our Beeswax in combination with Beesworks Zinc Oxide to make your own wonderful and healing sunscreen! - Can be used to treat bacterial skin infections - Use on your boots to protect them against rain and snow - Beeswax candles burn brighter, cleaner, and longer than other types of candles - Can be used on d...

    • ASIN: B00B3U0FW4
    • Brand: Your Natural Planet
    • ASIN: B00B3U0FW4
    • UPC: 632963292439
    • Part No: YB-1

  • Natural Waterproofing Leather Cream for Boots, Sofa, Purses, Shoes, Furniture, Auto Upholstery - pH Balanced, Non-Toxic Gentle - 8 oz.

    Care for your leather like the professionals Life and work affect our leather items and just like your skin, real leather is actually somewhat easy to damage. Surface damage happens just like a scrape on your arm. When the top epidermal layer gets scratched, the scuff or scrape drags the dye off of the top of the leather leaving a lighter scar. Keeping your leather conditioned will minimize these abrasions. Sunlight, heat, dust, chemicals and dried mud are just a few things that can dry out leather. Even water will pull the oils out of the leather as it dries and evaporates off of the surface. One application of our Natural Leather Cream will provide amazing results in restoring those needed oils. Our products have a natural waterproofer that protects your leather with the added benefit of natural mold and mildew inhibitors. What separates Logical Leather Natural Leather Cream from the competition? It's simple really. Our Leather Cream is made in the USA for Leather Care Professionals but is now available directly to you. We don't add any harsh chemicals or additives that can harm your skin or damage your leather. All natural solutions like ours are more expensive; our beeswax lets leather breathe and our seed oils are as close to an animal's natural lubrication as can be...

    • ASIN: B015702RBW
    • Brand: Logical Leather
    • ASIN: B015702RBW
    • UPC: 646437369930
    • Part No: FBA_8LC

  • Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner for Furniture, Cars, Purses and Handbags. All-Natural, Non-Toxic Conditioner Made in the USA. Leather Care Liniment No. 1. 2 Sizes. Includes Premium Applicator Pad

    SHOW YOUR LEATHER SOME LOVE, AND PROLONG IT'S LIFE.Did you know that leather needs maintenance and care to preserve its quality? -Leather is made from the skin of the animal used, most often cows. -This skin needs conditioning to stay hydrated or it will dry out, get old, and crack. This is called dry rot. -Human skin produces natural oils to keep our skin healthy but leather needs special care to remain supple and soft. Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 Conditions and Cleans Your Beloved Leather Making Old Leather Like New Again.Our most popular selling formula, Liniment No. 1 is an all-natural, water based formula with vital oils that penetrate your leathers fibers leaving your leather conditioned and nourished. PERFECT for leather handbags, jackets, wallets, belts, watch bands, furniture, briefcase, purses, shoes, red wing boots, sofa, couch, saddle, tack, or locker room sports gear.Condition your leather for a healthy, revived, soft, and supple look. Protect your leather and preserve it's life with regular maintenance. Only use formulas with all natural ingredients. Avoid chemicals at all costs. Made in the America. 100% Money-Back Guarantee. FREE COTTON TERRY PAD FOR APPLICATION: every Leather Milk bottle comes with a free, reAmericable premium applicator pad to apply Leather M...

    • ASIN: B007ZDDUCK
    • Brand: Chamberlain's Leather Milk
    • ASIN: B007ZDDUCK
    • UPC: 610395150787
    • Part No: 610395150787

  • Brooks Slender Leather Grips for Twist Shifter 100/130mm - Honey Brown

    • ASIN:
    • Model: B2002295
    • Color: HoneyYellow
    • Size: 100/130mm00/13