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  • Icy Cools Ice Bandana - Blue/Black

    Keeps you cool while looking cool. Great for hiking, hunting, fishing as well as for military and outdoor labor jobs. Simple freeze and use. NO DRIPPING MESS! Unlike competitive products, our product actually cools you and DOES NOT need 'evaporation cooling'. It is ice and feels cold! Ice Snake insert is Made in USA - Fabrics Made in China - Designed in USA.

    • ASIN: B000PGQ9U4
    • Color: Blue/Black
    • Brand: Icy Cools
    • ASIN: B000PGQ9U4
    • UPC: 645350560004
    • Part No: 56000

  • Cool Relief Ice Pack Bandana Head Wrap, Neck Cooling Scarf, Headband

    This lightweight ice cooling bandanna wrap helps keep you cool on hot summer days. Use to get relief after workouts, sports, outdoor events and also get relief from migraines, tension and sinus headaches and more.

    • ASIN: B0741KS5WF
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Cool Relief
    • ASIN: B0741KS5WF
    • UPC: 854320002400
    • Part No: CRICEBAND

  • Blue Ice Wraptor Bandana, Keep Your Neck, Head, and Joints Cool, One Size Fits All, Fits Ice Packs up to 2.5" x 15", Includes 6 ThemaFreeze Inserts (6 x 1 Cell: 2.5" x 15")

    The Ice Wraptor Bandana allows you to enjoy the comfort and relief of ice therapy and ice packs while on the go. You can use the Ice Wraptor Bandana on any body part. However, it's more effective when you wrap the bandana on the back of your neck or on your forehead. The Ice Wraptor Bandana is a wearable ice wrap that features a lightweight and flexible elastic band that adheres to itself for an adjustable fit. The outer layer consists of a smooth fleece for both insulation and comfort, while the layer closest to the skin is a mesh material to easily promote ice transfer. Whether you are out walking or driving around town, the Ice Wraptor promotes mobility while helping you receive the comfort of ice therapy. Simply add your favorite 2.5" x 15" ice pack or gel pad to the wrap and be on your way. Try using our ThermaFreeze Ice packs that are available in sizes from 1 x 6 cells (2.5" x 15") to 6 x 25 cells. After cutting your sheet to size, simply soak the cells in warm water and place it in the freezer. Be sure to wipe the sheet dry before freezing. Whether you're suffering from tension headaches or you're overheated, the Ice Wraptor Bandana has you covered. Our products are made from high-quality medical-grade materials. Bent Grass Concepts began in 2005 trying to improve product...

    • ASIN: B00EE9OT8W
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: ThermaFreeze
    • ASIN: B00EE9OT8W
    • UPC: 045635518230
    • Part No: IWB-06

  • HiFineCare Ice Neck Wrap, Cooling Neck Wrap, Ice Bandana Cooling Ice Pack for Neck,

    Question: Exactly how long does it stay cold?Answer: Depends on Temperature outdoors. In 80-90 degree heat it will last about an hour-hour and a half. Question: How long is it from end to end?Answer: The cooling area is 17.7 inches long, all scarf is 37". Question: How much does it weigh?Answer: about 0.36lb. Question: Are these machine washable?Answer: These are made of an outer cloth (washable) and a removable ice pack (not washable). Hang Dry.Question: Does this reduce the amount of sweat?Answer: Yes, because it lowers your body temp.Question: What benefit I can get from the cooling neck wrap?Answer: If you are outdoor lover or work in hot weather. Ice bandana will keep you cool and dry  Visit theme parks  Attend outdoor concerts Attend auto races Play or watch football, soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, golf, etc. Work on your lawn or garden Fish or hunt Work in construction or roofing Work in attics Are a police officer or fireman Are a member of the military Are a welder Are a BBQ pit master Have hot flashes Have a medical need to stay cool Live in a very hot place

    • ASIN: B07S31YQHF
    • Brand: HiFineCare
    • ASIN: B07S31YQHF
    • UPC: 796862123253

  • Mission Multi-Cool 12 in 1 Multifunctional Gaiter and Headwear Blue

    Feel cool in this multi-functional performance fabric. The Enduracool Multi-Cool is made from a proprietary performance fabric that instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out, and then snapped in the air to activate the cooling properties. Designed to be functional and versatile, the Multi-Cool can be worn in over 12 different ways to help you keep cool, and protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. The proprietary technology works by absorbing moisture and perspiration into the fabric core where the unique radiator-like fiber construction circulates water molecules and regulates the rate of evaporation to create a prolonged cooling effect.

    • ASIN: B00UR4HHC8
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: MISSION
    • ASIN: B00UR4HHC8
    • UPC: 813600024747
    • Part No: 108033

  • Summer Cooling Bandana Ice Scarf Collar Neck Wrap,Black 5 Pcs Set

    Easy to Use: Just Soak in water for 3-5 minutes; Keeps you cool, perfect for outdoor activities in summer, such as camping, hiking, and hunting

    • ASIN: B01FM03FNG
    • Color: 5 pack Black
    • Brand: Bellady
    • ASIN: B01FM03FNG
    • UPC: 601629355115
    • Part No: ZXG15060090

  • 7 COLOR WINGS Ice Cool Scarf Neck Wrap Headband Bandana Cooling Scarf 5pcs (A 5pcs)

    As for the cool scarf, please attention some notices bellow: 1, It's normal that if the scarf has little smell or little fade from new fabric when first use. To solve this, just easily wash it by clear water before first use. In fact, we strictly test the fade of the fabric when produce. 2, The cool scarf looks small but once it absorb water, it will expand and change bigger! You'd better do not put these ice scarves in water for too long like more than 20 mimutes, or the crystal absorb too much water and Swell, and may make the scarf fabric broken. 3,Ice water will make this cool scarf work perfect in hot summer day! Please contact us first in your order for a satisfied solution if any issues about your order. 7Color Wings Team

    • ASIN: B073S6SLV9
    • Color: A 5pcs
    • Brand: 7 COLOR WINGS
    • ASIN: B073S6SLV9
    • Part No: 7CICESCARFAA

  • Bare Neckd Ice Cooling Towels with Insulated Ice Pockets - Instant Relief Large Cooling Towels for Athletes Sports Fitness Gym Yoga Hiking Travel Hot Flashes | Reusable Wrap Around Ice Pack

    Don't waste your time with other evaporative cooling towels that heat up as soon as they make contact with your body heat. You might as well just use a wet washcloth! Bare Neckd Ice Cooling Towels with Insulated Ice Pockets are the only personal and fitness cooling towel you need!  Stay Cool No Matter What You DoDo you want to stay cool while you work out or play sports? Do you enjoy traveling and outdoor activities, but hate the heat? Do you want to make your time at the beach more enjoyable? Do you get too sweaty when you take care of your garden? Do you suffer from hot flashes or MS? Bare Neck'd presents you with this cooling towel that has been specially designed to keep you cool under the sun and while you work out, exercise or simply relax! Two Easy Ways To Use The Cool Down Towel! You don't have to freeze or wet this cooling neck towel (12" x 48"). If you plan on using it, here are two easy options: WET: Fill its insulated pockets with ice cubes and the icy cold water from the melting cubes will keep you cool. DRY: To stay dry, place ice into 2 of the 4 supplied clear ice sleeves, secure their slide sealers and place them into the pockets. That was easy, right? And remember - the real ice cooling towel remains cool for much longer, compared to regular cooling we...

    • ASIN: B07CW4WTBM
    • Color: Medium Blue
    • Brand: BARE NECK'D
    • ASIN: B07CW4WTBM
    • UPC: 735424578407

  • All for Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana, Medium

    The All for Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana is a good way to protect your dog from heat stroke. Just soak the bandana in water and the special material inside will do its work. Don’t hesitate indulge your furry friends with this cool ice bandana.

    • ASIN: B00IAR9VVY
    • Color: blue
    • Brand: ALL FOR PAWS
    • ASIN: B00IAR9VVY
    • UPC: 847922080129
    • Part No: VP7081

  • Icy Cools Ice Bandana Replacement Insert - 2 Pack

    Replacement Insert for your reusable Ice Bandana. Keeps you cool while looking cool. Simple freeze and use. NO DRIPPING MESS! Insert can be used in your cooler or lunchbox too!

    • ASIN: B00576NV8A
    • Color: As shown in the image
    • Brand: Ice Bandana
    • ASIN: B00576NV8A
    • UPC: 645350561001
    • Part No: A56000-1

  • Chill-Its, EGO12301, Evaporating Cooling Bandana, 1 Each, Lime

    • ASIN:
    • Model: EGO12301
    • Color: LimeGreen
    • Size: One Size