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  • ACDC-10A 1S-6S 80W 10A Multi-Chemistry Balancing Charger (LiPo/Life/LiHV/NiMH)

    The name says it all: our ACDC-10A charger is AC and DC compatible right out of the box and features a 10A charge rate plus 80 watts of charging power to get your batteries ready to go faster than ever! The ACDC-10A charges up to 15 NiCad/NiMH cells or 6S Lithium batteries (including LiPo/LiFe/LiHV) and has a maximum charge rate of 10 amps. It also features a balancing circuit for lithium batteries and allows you to save the charge settings for up to 10 different battery models in the charger's integrated memory. Includes a balancing board with 2S-6S JST-XH connectors and a squid-style adapter featuring Deans-type, XT60 and EC3 connectors for convenient, easy charging of all your batteries.

    • ASIN: B07BFKG5H3
    • Brand: Lectron Pro
    • ASIN: B07BFKG5H3
    • UPC: 612289984874
    • Part No: ACDC-10A

  • Traxxas EZ Peak Live Dual, 200W Multi-Chemistry Charger with ID, Blue 2973

    The new EZ-Peak live dual iD charger takes all the advanced features of the EZ-Peak live and supercharges the power output to over 26 amps (200 watts)! the 4S capable multi-chemistry dual charger uses built-in Bluetooth to work seamlessly with the new Traxxas EZ-Peak live app for iOS and Android. The EZ-Peak live app gives you detailed information, remote monitoring, and advanced operating functions through the high-definition color interface on your mobile device. It's the most powerful, most advanced charger in the popular EZ-Peak lineup. Get back in the action sooner with the new EZ-Peak live dual charger! faster charging means more time behind the wheel. The new Maxx charge feature takes full advantage of lipo batteries’ high charge rates. Press the maxi charge button and the right side charges at the maximum charge Rate the battery will allow (up to 16 amps). the left side receives the remaining power until the right side finishes and then the left side switches to Maxx power mode. This innovative design gets one battery ready in nearly half the time so you’re back in the action having fun. The EZ-Peak live dual is a true multi-chemistry charger. The charger automatically detects the Type and size of your iD-equipped battery and configures the settings for the fastest ch...

    • ASIN: B07DM4MX2S
    • Brand: Traxxas
    • ASIN: B07DM4MX2S
    • UPC: 020334297303
    • Part No: 2973

  • C1-XR CAR 10Amps 100Watts LiPo LiHV LiIon Life NiCd NiMh AC/DC Multi-Chemistry Balancing Battery Charger w Internal Resistance, Terminal Voltage Control, Battery Meter Deans Traxxas Tamiya Redcat EC3

    LiPo LiIo LiFe LiHv-Charge--Voltage 1-6S--Capacity 100-99900mAh--Current .1-10A--End Voltage---LiPo 3.80-4.20V (4.20V default)---LiIo 3.80-4.10V (4.10V)---LiFe 3.30-3.80V (3.60V)---LiHv 4.0-4.40V (4.35V)--Balance or No-Balance-Discharge--Voltage 1-6S--Current .1-2A--End Voltage---LiPo 3.00-4.00V (3.00V)---LiIo 3.00-4.00V (3.00V)---LiFe 2.00-3.40V (2.00V)---LiHv 3.00-4.20V (3.00V)-Storage--Voltage 1-6S--Capacity 100-99900mAh--Current .1-5ANiMh/NiCd-Charge--Current .1-10A--Mode: Manual or Auto--Delta Peak Sensitivity 5-25mV (5mV)--Trickle Current OFF, Auto, or 50-200mA-Discharge--Current .1-2A--End Voltage 1V-24V-Cycle--Charge>Discharge / Discharge>Charge--Charge .1-10A--Discharge .1-2A--Cycles 1-5 TimesPb-Charge: .1-10A, 2.4V-24V-Discharge: .1-2A, 2V-20VDigital Power: .1-10A, 5-24VMemory Save, Memory LoadBattery Meter: Cell Voltages, Total Voltage, Power Supply Voltage, External Temp (sensor sold sep.), Internal TempBattery IR: Main IR, Each Cell IRSettings-Wait Time 1-60Min-Delta Peak Sensitivity 5-25mV (5mV)-Trickle Current OFF, Auto, 50-200mA-Temp Cutoff OFF, ON 30-80°C 86-176°F-Safety Timer OFF, ON 10-720Min-Capacity Cutoff 100-99900mAh-Key Beep & Buzzer Sound On/Off-Back Light OFF, ON 10-100%-Battery End Voltage LiPo, LiIo, LiFe, LiHV, Pb-Factory ResetAC Input 100-240VDC In...

    • ASIN: B071RNHXQ6
    • Brand: EVPEAK
    • ASIN: B071RNHXQ6
    • UPC: 604776959809
    • Part No: F0610

  • Elegoo EL-KIT-008 Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit w/Tutorial for Arduino UNO Nano

    Established in 2011, ELEGOO is a thriving technology company dedicated to open-source hardware research & development, production and marketing. Our own Quality Management Team will secure the premium quality of our products and we would like to receive your valuable suggestions for our products and make your idea come true component listing: 1pcs Mega 2560 Controller Board 1pcs USB Cable 1pcs Breadboard 1pcs 65 Jumper Wire 1pcs IC 74HC595 1pcs Active Buzzer 1pcs Tilt Switch 1pcs Photo resistor 5pcs Yellow LED 5pcs Blue LED 5pcs Green LED 5pcs Red LED 1pcs RGB LED 5pcs Button (small) 10pcs Resistor (10R) 10pcs Resistor (100R) 10pcs Resistor (220R) 10pcs Resistor (330R) 10pcs Resistor (1K) 10pcs Resistor (2K) 10pcs Resistor (5K1) 10pcs Resistor (10K) 10pcs Resistor (100K) 10pcs Resistor (1M) 5pcs Female-to-male DuPont Wire.

    • Brand: ELEGOO
    • UPC: 746591610586
    • Part No: EL-KIT-008

  • Complete Submission: The Complete Series Bundle

    The COMPLETE USA Today Bestselling seriesJonathan Drazen. A beautiful bIllionaire with a taste for obedience. Too bad I'm not submissive. This girl will never surrender.But I can’t stay away from him. He’s got this bossy way about him in bed. The word “Sir,” falls from my lips, and when he tells me to get on my knees…well, my knees have a mind of their own.I got this. I can be his slave for a few nights and walk away unscathed. We get in. Get it on. Get the hell out. Done. He can find the line between love and lust. It’s right between my legs. Now, let’s see if that line blurs for me.------This bundle includesSubmission / Domination / Connection

    • ASIN: B07DW21CYH
    • ASIN: B07DW21CYH

  • Ambesonne Science Mouse Pad, Elements Chemistry Table Vintage Old Design for Scientists Student Print, Standard Size Rectangle Non-Slip Rubber Mousepad, Sand Brown Brown

    Perfect for all mouse types and different users' needs! These fun and unique mousepads are made from high quality eco - friendly cloth and the backing is made from non - slip neoprene rubber for the best control and comfort. Allows easy gliding of the mouse. You can use them with both normal and optical mouse. Measurements: 7.75" by 9.25" inches and 5mm thick. Colors won't fade thanks to new digital printing methods. A perfect gift idea for your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, wife, husband and all other beloved ones with many of surprising designs. You can find a design for everybody and every interest in our Ambesonne Amazon Collection. Customized, personalized products are very popular. As manufacturers of digital printed design products, we follow current trends and bring you the latest most trend products. Either a gift to your family or friend, relative or boyfriend girlfriend, or to yourself, the item should be interesting and authentic. The digital images we display have the most accurate color possible, however due to differences in computer monitors, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen.

    • ASIN: B078MJSYMN
    • Color: Multi 16
    • Brand: Ambesonne
    • ASIN: B078MJSYMN
    • Part No: mou_22952

  • Lasica PCXMVC Multi-Chemistry Charger for 18-Volt Porter Cable NiCd NiMh & Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery PC18B-2 PC18BLX PC18BLEX PCC489N Charger PCMVC

    Lasica Charger: Lasica PCXMVC Charger for 18-Volt Porter Cable Cordless BatteryThe innovative computer controlled charging system provides optimum charge to each battery through the digital communication between charger and battery. This battery charger have been formulated for less charging time and improved performance. Specification:Product Type: Replacement Dual Chemical Porter Cable Battery ChargerInput: 100V--240V, 50-60HzOutput: 18VEfficiency: 3.0A DC -- for Li-ion, 2.0A DC -- for Ni-MH&Ni-CDFeature: The charger has patented IntelliPort Technology, which protects battery cells, maximizes battery life, and conserves energy so well it earned an ENERGY STAR rating. The diagnostic read-out provides charging status and even lets you know if the battery is too hot or cold to charge. Fit Part Number:for 18-Volt Porter Cable Lithium-Ion NiCd&NiMh Battery: PC18B, PC18B-2, PC18BL, PC18BLX, PC18BLEX, PCC489N, PC18SS, PC18JR, PC18JS, PC18FL, PCC581B, PC18DS, PC18CSL What's in the Box:1 Pack * PCXMVC Multi-Chemistry Charger for 18-Volt Porter Cable NiCd NiMh & Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery

    • ASIN: B07DFKVG9M
    • Color: Black&Red
    • Brand: Lasica
    • ASIN: B07DFKVG9M
    • Part No: POR-PCXMVC-L

  • Catchmaster AA1170 72MAX Pest Trap, 72 Pack White

    Catchmaster glue boards are non-poisonous Mouse & insect glue traps with a peanut butter fragrance.(Better then banana & bubble gum) great for trapping mice, fruit flies, grain moths, cockroaches, crickets & other insects. (Will not work for rats! ) Catchmaster glue boards can lie completely flat like a sheet, or you can fold them to form a square box that protects the glue from falling objects & dust. Great for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices, etc. glue boards are an excellent choice for the capture of mice, rats, & other small rodents & insects in the home. With no poisons, insecticides, or pesticides, these glue boards use a special adhesive type of glue scented with peanut butter to stop rodents in their Tracks. When it comes to pest glue boards, Catchmaster has been called “the Duracell of glues” as compared to competitors’ glues that can become hard & rubbery after 30 to 90 days. The glue in Catchmaster glue traps are effective for at least one year & are not toxic to people or pets. They also contain no oil like other glue board products, as oil mixes with the body chemistry of the rodent allowing for escape. The low profile of these glue boards allows for easy placement of traps. Glue boards may be used as a stand alone treatment measure for rodents or as a...

    • ASIN: B003ORTFH0
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Catchmaster
    • ASIN: B003ORTFH0
    • UPC: 810096030023
    • Part No: CatchMaster

  • C COABALLA Control Heat and Anti UV Window Cling,Science,Reduce Heat, Glare and Block Out Harmful UV Rays,Chemistry Element Table Modern Image with Blue Attentive,24''x36''

    Renovate Your Living Space with the Minimum Amount of Work and Cost. This patterned frosted window film designs can be used for privacy, as an alternative to net curtains, or just as a decorative treatment for your windows and doors. Static cling to the surface without glue for extra safety and convenience, simple peel-and-stick installation, easy to remove and re-apply for multiple times. The window covering is mainly designed for internal application, is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and office, making it ideal for rented properties. TOP Privacy Protection Level: it's nice to feel safe at your own place Glue Free: Simply use soapy water to install, no toxic glue required Reusable:Premium PVC material offers extra durability, can be re-positioned and reused repeatedly PRODUCT SIZE:17INCHSx24INCHS24INCHSx36INCHS24INCHSx48INCHS24INCHSx70INCHS24INCHSx78INCHS

    • ASIN: B07QDYW37G
    • Color: Multi 23
    • Brand: C COABALLA
    • ASIN: B07QDYW37G
    • Part No: CO_08_04_Q0404_065632

  • Demolition Man (BD) [Blu-ray]

    Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes go at it amid a dazzling cyber-future in this explosive hit. In 2032 archcriminal Simon Phoenix (Snipes) awakens from a 35-year deep freeze in CryoPrision to find a serene, non-violent Los Angeles ready for the taking. Unable to deal with Phoenix’s brutal 1990s style, officials seek an old-fashioned cop to fight old-fashioned crime. They revive Sgt. John Spartan (Stallone), unjustly serving a CryoPrison sentence because of his last encounter with Phoenix. Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt and Denis Leary also play rough and tough in this “terrific mix of action and humor” (Joel Siegel, Good Morning America/ABC-TV).

    • ASIN: B004XQO8VO
    • Color: color
    • Brand: Warner Manufacturing
    • ASIN: B004XQO8VO
    • UPC: 883929184828
    • Part No: WHV1000195635BR

  • Kids First Chemistry Set

    • ASIN:
    • Model: 642921
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: One Size

  • Educational Insights GeoSafari Rockin' Reactions Chemistry Set

    • ASIN:
    • Model: 5390
    • Color: MulticolorMulti
    • Size: GeoSafari Rockin' Reactions Chemistry Set