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  • Theraneem Neemstick Lip Therape, 0.15 Ounce

    Neem stick lip therape 0.15 ounce - 4.2 grams *98% USDA certified organic ingredients. Contains organix neem oil and supercritical neem leaf extract. Soothing, antioxidant rich active ingredients in neem have been used for centuries to soothe and nourish sensitive and dry skin. Its the balm, baby! Chemical composition of lysine-Neem is naturally rich in it! With cooling and tingling peppermint essential oils why use neem to suppot your sentive skin? Neem is cooling: It helps to cool and calm the skin, scalp, gum or wherever it is applied. Soothing: It has been used to support healthy skin and it is traditionally used to normalize rough or exceptionally dry skin. Astingent: This means it helps to tighten tissue and lessen secretions. This is useful to tighten pores, balance skin tone and texture and promote the appearance of youthful healthy skin.

    • ASIN: B00134JK80
    • Brand: Theraneem Organix
    • ASIN: B00134JK80
    • UPC: 885116269127
    • Part No: THN107

  • Sewak Al-Falah: Miswak (Traditional Natural Toothbrush) (10 Pack)

    Comes vacuum sealed to retain freshness and softness. The bark at the tip is easily removed even without the use of a knife. Chew the bristles to separate the natural fibers to form like toothbrush bristles. To clean the teeth, brush with Miswak from the edge of the gums in a up and down movements till the cutting edge of the teeth. The miswak or siwak is a natural tool for brushing the teeth. It is taken from the roots of the Arak tree especially in the Arabian Peninsula and some parts of Asia the tree is known as Peelu. Miswak is a natural antiseptic, multi-purpose stick cleans and whitens the teeth and sweetens the breath, and is widely used throughout the Islamic world. The use of sewak is recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Common Names: Salt bush, Mustard tree, The tooth brush tree. Internationally known as: Arak, Siwak, Peelu, Miswak. Scientific Name: Salvadora Persica Potential Dental Benefits with Regular Use: Research shows that the bark of the "Toothbrush Tree" contains on antibiotic which suppresses the growth of bacteria and the formation of plaque in the mouth. Research also suggests that the regular use of Miswak significantly reduces plaque, gingivitis, and the growth of cariogenic bacteria. No toothpaste required! Miswak, naturally contains many compon...

    • ASIN: B00F22IZY4
    • Brand: Sewak Al-Falah
    • ASIN: B00F22IZY4
    • UPC: 741459847876
    • Part No: BYC009807


    Neem stick is very good for long life of teeth. In Vedic period Rishi and Maharishi Used to brush their teeth by Neem stick. Give your teeth daily a fresh and clean look with the pocket suit neem sticks. We collect and send the sticks from Himalayan Jungle. As we collect the sticks after the purchase, there is 99% chance you will get fresh stciks every time you order.

    • ASIN: B01LW4ML1L
    • ASIN: B01LW4ML1L
    • Part No: B01LW4ML1L

  • Organic Gear Herbal Neem Toothbrush Chew Sticks Natural Wild Organic Traditional Teeth Cleaning Twig Prevent Tooth Decay And Gum Disease. [10 Sticks] SKU#3901-BX

    Organic Neem Teeth care sticks which gives you best oral solutions odor free breath, tighten gums, white teeth and flawless smile.

    • ASIN: B01M71YP7W
    • ASIN: B01M71YP7W

  • Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit/Natural Toothbrush for Whiter Teeth, Fresher Breath, While Being Chemical Free - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

    Your search for the best teeth whitening kit is finally over. When you purchase this natural teeth whitener today, here's what you should do... When that cute little brown box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open, first chance you get. Take it out and admire the beautifully designed, hand-packaged box. You have in your hands, two 100% chemical-free, premium-grade miswaks with two custom designed cases to allow you to carry it with you. Now delicately open your package, remove your natural toothbrush from the vacuum seal, trim 1/2 inch off the bark and chew it slightly until it forms bristles, and gently scrub in an "up-and-down" motion on your teeth. As you use it notice how the fibers do an amazing job at cleaning your teeth. Notice how fresher, cleaner and lighter your mouth feels. Notice how your teeth glisten and how smooth it feels. What separates our miswaks from the competition is that ours are grown in healthy soil and is free from any chemicals and pesticide. It's because of this that we're able to make an awesome guarantee. We call it our better than money back guarantee and here it is... Try our kit for 120 days. And if you don't see any improvements or don't feel it was worth every penny of your investment, we'll give you your full payment back no questions a...

    • Brand: Miswak Club
    • UPC: 040232213694
    • Part No: miswakclub

  • 10 Chewing Sticks Of NEEM DATUN ORAL HERBAL TEETH & TONGUE CLEANER Traditional Teeth Cleaning

    There are few things need to understand about neem stick Before you Buy. 1) These sticks has been unplugged directly from neem tree. So serum starts secretion from cut ends. 2) You may find its smell Bad after opening the parcel, its because once its unplugged from tree, its serum comes out, and since its intact packed, air does not pass, so it may smell bitter. 3) Neem stick may get mouldy, Since its packed itactly and serum continuously comes out. 4) It may reaches dry, because its natural phenomenon. If its get dry, please soak it in to water for whole night and then store it in fridge. (If found so, please read direction to use as mentioned below) Direction of uses: Once you get item, need to wash with fresh water, and dip it in to water for whole night And keep it in fridge. And very morning chew its end and use it like brush to wash your teeth. IMPORTANT: We advice you please order expedited delivery. It will take around 3-5 Days to get item delivered (To prevent it from getting it mouldy and dry/hard )

    • ASIN: B07C5LQK33
    • Brand: Golden Trader
    • ASIN: B07C5LQK33
    • UPC: 726855761032
    • Part No: TP

  • Neem Aura Naturals Outdoor Citronella Sticks, 10 Count

    Citronella Outdoor Sticks. The Natural Way to Repel Mosquitoes. Clear the air. No DEET or Petroleum Wax. Powered by Essential Oils. Delightful Fresh Fragrance 10 Sticks. A Stick burns approximately 1 per hour. This delightful citronella, lemongrass and geranium incense will clear the air with a crisp, delightful fragrance. Storage: Store only in original container in a cool, dry area inaccessible to children and pets. Disposal: Place in trash or offer for recycling if available.

    • ASIN: B00C7Q8XB8
    • Brand: NEEMAURA
    • ASIN: B00C7Q8XB8
    • UPC: 013313002531
    • Part No: 0786648081211

  • HealthAndYoga(TM) Handcrafted Neem Toothpicks - Set of 50

    Neem is well documented for its health benefits in Ayurveda Pharmacopeia and is a known healing plant.It is also used as an active agent in toothpastes for its active assistance in fighting gum problems. It is only fit that its wood be used in something like toothpicks which can often end up pricking and hurting the gums.Even though neem wood is not commercially used in making toothpicks, we got these handcrafted nonetheless despite the higher costs involved. We are making it available to our discerning HealthAndYoga customers who would like a healthier alternative for their toothpicks.

    • ASIN: B00BXFNA4O
    • Brand: SoulGenie
    • ASIN: B00BXFNA4O
    • Part No: SG523130899

  • Garden Safe Brand Neem Oil Extract Concentrate, 16-fl oz

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    • Model: HG-10422
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