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  • Onwon 2 Pcs 8 mL Empty Mascara Tubes With Eyelash Wand, Rubber Inserts and Funnels for Castor Oil, Ideal Kit for DIY Cosmetics, Includes 2 tubes, 2 rubber inserts and 2 funnels

    Quantity: 2 pack Package includes: 2 x Empty mascara brush bottle 2 x Rubber inserts 2 x Plastic funnels 2 x Lids Convenient to use: Use these bottles to store your castor oil and enjoy effortless application with the included wand; The lip on the top of bottle lets you wipe off excess oil with ease. You can also use the kit in unique ways such as exfoliating your chapped lips with homemade products or essential oils: Insert essential oil or homemade item into Mascara tube. To apply to chapped lips, then take a mascara wand and brush back and forth. Use a tissue to wipe off the peeling skin. Another unique way to use the kit is to Remove Cuticles. Simply do the following: Insert extra virgin olive oil into mascara tube. Then using the mascara wand, apply the oil to your nails. Then, after letting the oil sit for a few minutes, use the mascara wand and gently buff the base of your nails to get rid of cuticles. ONWON empty mascara tubes are a perfect solution for your diy eyelash growth serum. Our BPA FREE mascara tubes come with small black inserts to remove the excess oil, which makes the serum preparation easier. Get your pack of 2 empty mascara tubes from ONWON NOW!

    • Brand: ONWON
    • Part No: CSP0033

  • Kansa Wand | Authentic 3 Metal Bronze Massage Tool with Solid Wood Handle (Small)

    Ajara is pleased to bring you this unique three metal massage wand, traditionally called a "kansa vataki." Designed for an energizing and balancing massage experience, this tool is easy to handle while massaging yourself or someone else. Our Kansa are made of true Bronze, which is copper and tin with a trace of zinc in it to give it the gold color. In Ayruveda the three colors of metal (yellow metals, white metals, and rose colored metals). By creating an alloy of the three metals included in this kansa, the result is a metal that is good for all doshic types.

    • ASIN: B01NBE2PYP
    • Brand: Ajara Tools
    • ASIN: B01NBE2PYP
    • UPC: 694157897424
    • Part No: 9000867

  • Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil Pure Saffron For Ultra Skin Brightening and Radiance, 100ml

    "This Bestselling Oil is a unique blend of herbs and oils that brightens your skin naturally. The rare and exotic Kumkuma flower helps to retexture the skin ,giving the skin an even skin tone. Enjoy spotless, blemish free skin. Can be used daily morning and night for a beautiful natural glow. Light and quick to absorb, this face and skin oil will help lighten dark spots and discolored skin. Natural protection against free radical damage caused by UV rays and pollution. Use daily twice a day on face and affected parts of the skin for best results. YOUR AURAVEDIC SKIN CARE TIP- Be gentle while applying skin care products on face avoiding pulling and stretching."

    • Brand: Auravedic
    • Part No: N109

  • USDA Organic Castor Oil for Eyelashes and Eyebrows - Cold Pressed Castor Oil Eyelash Growth Serum with Mascara Tube - Caster Oil Eyebrow Growth Serum Best Seller Eyelash Conditioner Lash Boost Serum

    Why Castor Oil? Deriving from Castor Plant seeds, it is one of the richest Natural Oils with benefits dating back to Ancient Egypt where it was used for its healing properties. It has natural antibacterial properties, is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, Omega 6-9 beneficial fatty acids that promote hair growth. Perfect for Your Busy Lifestyle! Longer, Thicker Brows & Lashes while you SLEEP! Want youthful, vibrant brows & lashes but don't want to take a lot of time from your day to get them? Live Fraiche Organic Lash & Brow Growth Treatment is the answer! Using the MESS-FREE applicator, apply a coat of oil on brows & lashes before bed then rinse off in the morning. Wake up with healthy, bolder looking brows & lashes that won't feel brittle after a thick coat of mascara from the night before. No mess, No fuss! Slow & Steady Wins the Race! We want to be up front with you -this isn't a magical serum, BUT it is an ALL-NATURAL oil that promotes hair growth the HEALTHY way, with no artificial chemicals or ingredients. Live Fraiche Organic Lash & Brow Growth Treatment promotes full, lush lashes & brows with its use of proven natural ingredients dating back centuries to fight breakage, thinning, & fine lines. We never use synthetic chemicals, dyes, parabens, or fragrances in our p...

    • Brand: Live Fraiche
    • UPC: 646437577724
    • Part No: AM-LF-Castor Oil for eyelashes eyebrows

  • Organic Castor Oil With Applicator Kit - 2 OZ & Full Mascara Tube -100% Pure Cold Pressed, Hexane Free - Fabulous For Eyelashes, Hair, Eyebrows, Face and Skin -

    Grow longer, healthier lashes naturally Eyebrows and eyelashes are an important aspect of facial beauty, but they can also become thin or patchy due to stress, change in metabolism or use of some medications. Premeo Organic Castor Oil Applicator Kit promotes regrowth and health of lashes and brows naturally and safely. This 12-piece set features a discreet 2-oz dropper bottle and a mascara-style tube, as well as spiral wands and detail brushes for easy, targeted application of our premium quality, Hexane-free cold-pressed castor oil. Nourish and stimulate hair growth Premeo Castor Oil is a straightforward treatment that requires no special cosmetology skills. Using our wands or brushes, apply the oil to your lashes and brows. Make sure to let the oil penetrate the skin beneath, because this allows the antifungal properties to eliminate bacteria and nourish follicles to stimulate hair growth. Whenever possible, leave Premeo on overnight and then wash your face in the morning. Used consistently, Premeo will provide significant results in the form of fuller, more lustrous eyebrow and eyelash growth.Odorless, colorless hair growth treatment is non-toxic and safe to use on face even for those with sensitive skin. Yours to try Risk-Free for 1 month We insist on the highest q...

    • ASIN: B06XWYJX46
    • Brand: Premeo
    • ASIN: B06XWYJX46
    • UPC: 716350717764
    • Part No: OCO2OZ

  • Viva Naturals Certified Organic Castor Oil (16 oz) – 100% Pure and Hexane Free + BONUS Mascara Kit Included, Perfect for Hair Care, Eyelashes and Brows

    Pressed from the seeds of the castor plant, Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil is a simple way to look and feel beautiful, naturally. Use it alone as a silky serum for eyelashes and brows, or massage a few drops into the scalp for a soothing treatment. Click add to cart now to discover the many uses of this beauty must-have. How can I use it? Castor oil is a truly multi-purpose beauty secret. Use it to give new life to eyelashes, eyebrows and scalp. We include a small mascara vial and a variety of brushes in every shipment. Castor oil is also a great hair thickener-add a few drops to shampoo or conditioner, or massage it directly into scalp before bed. Whipping up some DIY skin and hair care recipes? Castor oil makes an ideal hydrating and softening ingredient. Use it in your own creations, included body butters, scrubs and natural oil cleansers. Is it really 100% pure organic? Yes! We want to make it super-simple to keep your beauty routine all-natural. Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil is hexane-free and USDA organic. We never add any fragrance or solvents or dilute it with other oils.

    • ASIN: B071RD69HX
    • Brand: Viva Naturals
    • ASIN: B071RD69HX
    • UPC: 753940521295
    • Part No: 2041

  • Oil Wand Kaleidoscope Kit

    Cascades of color and explosions of light appear as the materials in the wand flow past the kaleidoscope mirrors. The mirrors are arranged to create an image with fourteen radial sections instead of the usual six. Contains an 11" smooth Oil-Filled Wand, three precut pieces of aluminized front surface mirror, two large metal jump rings, two rubber O-rings, cardboard patterns, instructions, and illustrations. Also included are instructions for a glass stand, and five additional versions of the basic design. You supply foil, solder and one square foot of stained glass.

    • ASIN: B00HHCXG64
    • Brand: Clarity Glass Design
    • ASIN: B00HHCXG64
    • Part No: 192

  • ELAIA DIY KIT - Empty Mascara Tubes With Wand Applicators and funnels for Castor Oil - Ideal Kit for DIY Cosmetics - 8 mL - Includes 2 tubes, 2 rubber inserts and 2 funnels

    ELAIA BEAUTY SOLUTIONS empty mascara tubes are a perfect solution for your diy eyelash growth serum. Our BPA FREE mascara tubes come with small black inserts to remove the excess oil, which makes the serum preparation easier. Get your pack of 2 empty mascara tubes from Elaia Beauty NOW!

    • UPC: 794168032033
    • Part No: A

  • Castor Oil Pure Carrier Oil - Cold Pressed Castrol Oil for Essential Oils Mixing Natural Skin Moisturizer Body & Face Oil, Eyelashes Eyebrows Lash & Hair Growth Serum, Heals Inflamed Skin 4 oz

    The ULTIMATE 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara by VieBeauti is sure to be your new go-to mascara. The glamour and convenience you have always desired will now be in the palm of your hands. This mascara, with its powerful formula, will give you the length and volume you desire.With the rich and creamy black color, it helps you create the most glamorous look effortlessly. Plus, there is no more mess to worry about! No smudging, no flaking, waterproof and long-lasting. Through thick and thin, this mascara will stay with you all day. Easy application, easy removal. Who said putting mascara on should take professional skills? With our upgraded wand your morning routine will be a breeze.The powerful formula is yet gentle enough for any skin type. Hypoallergenic and gentle.

    • ASIN: B01E62Z35Y
    • Color: clear
    • Brand: Premium Nature
    • ASIN: B01E62Z35Y
    • UPC: 857646006213
    • Part No: 00621 Castor Oil 4 oz

  • Hand Held Shower Wand Bracket - Oil Rubbed Bronze

    • ASIN:
    • Model: DF-SA156-ORB
    • Color: Bronze

  • RV Hand Held Shower Wand - Brushed Satin Nickel

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    • Model: DF-SA400-SN
    • Color: SilverBrushed Satin Nickel