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  • Air Quality Pollution Monitor, Formaldehyde Detector, Temperature & Humidity Meter, Sensor, Tester; Detect PM2.5/PM10/PM1.0 Micron Dust, Test Indoor TVOC Volatile Organic Compound Gas; eBook

    Have you gone nose blind to household odors or dust?Check multiple measures of your home's air quality. FAN onboard allows REAL-TIME accurate monitoring of temperature (in C/F), humidity, formaldehyde (HCHO), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and micron-sized fine particulate dust (PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10). Formaldehyde is an environmental carcinogen yet odorless at lower concentrations. Detect low levels of airborne TVOCs not perceivable to the human nose. This device was featured with cabin filter testing during 2018 CA fires (see photos).Problems with allergies?This air quality monitor with built-in stand can continuously monitor your air quality and when you need to change your home's air filter. Watch the levels of indoor total volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde drop when the windows are opened. Learn where air quality is poorer and where your allergies can worsen. Allergies that are difficult to control with unexplained coughing, runny nose, and shortness of breath may be signs of sick building syndrome.Tips on Use:-Calibrate if 0.000 indoor readings noted or with new device.-Large variations & 9.999 TVOC readings do not indicate an error as this instrument is a sensitive electronic nose; environmental TVOCs vary much and high TVOCs often can result from interferen...

    • ASIN: B078ZSHYR8
    • Brand: EG Air
    • ASIN: B078ZSHYR8
    • UPC: 761856503144
    • Part No: YC-5MUF-QQHW

  • National Geographic Society - GEOKIT __ POLLUTION (Teacher Kit)

    This GeoKit includes... 3 Maps/Posters: Pollution: Overview Poster, Endangered Earth Map, and Water-Precious Resource/U.S. Political Map 100+-page Teacher's Guide with Hands-on Activities, Glossary, and Resources 4 Colorful Overhead Transparencies Class Packs of National Geographic magazine articles (license to duplicate 30 sets) 3 Videos: Recycling: It's Everybody's Job; Fresh Water: Resource at Risk; Pollution: World at Risk **All contained in binder with outer box. GeoKit Pollution helps students understand that they are part of the environmental solution through recycling, conservation, and wise use of resources. Students will "think globally" as they examine outstanding National Geographic maps and magazine articles and "act locally" by engaging in hands-on activities in their school and community. LESSONS: What Is Pollution? • Sustainable Development • Air Pollution • Ozone • The Greenhouse Effect • Water • Oil Spills • Solid Waste • Toxic Waste • Pesticides • Extinction • Understanding Problems & Taking Action • Test Their Knowledge! Grades 5-8 | Product #WE90559

    • ASIN: 0792235592
    • ASIN: 0792235592

  • REN Pollution Proof Kit, 1.82 Ounce

    Clean the teeth, gums and tongue with this tool. A lucite toothbrush with 45-degree angle and rounded nylon bristles that better removes plaque and helps stop gingivitis. It features a wide base that allows it to stand upright for hygienic drying.

    • ASIN: B01NCB226N
    • Brand: REN
    • ASIN: B01NCB226N
    • Part No: I0084630

  • Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Antipollution Sunshine Serum. Replenishing Face and Body Bronzing Serum for Fine Lines and Wrinkles (1 fl oz / 30 ml).

    THE DRUNK ELEPHANT DIFFERENCE With a mission to deliver clinically-effective, clean skincare products formulated with both cutting-edge synthetic and natural ingredients, Drunk Elephant knows that every ingredient should directly benefit the health of your skin or the safety of the formulation.D-BRONZI ANTIPOLLUTION SUNSHINE SERUMFormulated to provide a luminous and replenishing glow, D-Bronzi delivers on its promise. How To Use: To apply, mix in a drop of D-Bronzie Serum to your favorite serum, moisturizer, or sunscreen to get that fresh from vacation glow. As an added bonus, the fatty acids infused with this serum help protect your skin from stressors in your environment while working hand-in-hand with the other key ingredients for a fresh finish.NO FRAGRANCE After carefully balancing the best ingredients available, Drunk Elephant doesn't have to add anything to mask their natural scents. When you smell their products, you will likely detect nothing but a glycerin base with slight hints of Marula oil, Zinc Oxide, Thermal Mud, Fruit Enzymes, and Vitamins for a refreshing and reassuring scent.BREAK THE CYCLE Your skin is left vulnerable with the overuse of harsh exfoliates, chemical peels, expensive laser treatments, Botox abuse, layered foundations and powders, and chemically-la...

    • Brand: Drunk Elephant
    • UPC: 856556004722
    • Part No: 10-014

  • DIY Mold Test, Mold Testing Kit (3 tests). Lab Analysis and Expert Consultation included

    If you have recently been worried about a mold issue or have had water damage, then you understand how troubling it can be to not know if you have a mold growth in your home. No one wants to deal with the stress of an unknown health issue and to make matters worse hiring a "Professional" can cost 4 to 5 hundred dollars. Put your mind at ease and use our test to be sure. Mold and the toxins they produce can be dangerous and they can also be hidden. Don't be fooled by instant check kits that only test for 3 different mold types. Our kit tests for all mold types. We include a guide to help you understand how to properly inspect your property for signs of mold and water damage. This is what sets our tests apart. Inspections are a very important and often overlooked aspect of mold testing. Without properly inspecting your property you could miss a huge issue and never know it. We strive to show you how to identify problems and how to use our mold test kit properly. Our product contains 3 tape lift samples(surface test), a quick start guide, and a mold inspection booklet. The tape lifts can be used to test surfaces that you suspect may be mold growth. The inspection booklet will tell you where to look for mold. Once you have collected the samples you will mail them to the lab (shipping...

    • ASIN: B016YSY8XQ
    • Color: Orange
    • ASIN: B016YSY8XQ
    • UPC: 643462342334
    • Part No: DT-28356

  • Drinking Water Test Kit - 10 Minute Testing For Lead Bacteria Pesticide Iron Copper and More

    Our Complete Water Analysis Test Kit includes ALL 10 of our at home water tests in one affordable package. This one kit will test for all of the following contaminants and elements: -10 Minute Lead Test: Lead can cause developmental, neurological, gastrointestinal and reproductive damage. -Pesticide Test: Pesticides can be linked to increased cancer rates and organ damage. -Bacteria/Coliform Test: Certain strains of bacteria can cause serious illness or death. -Iron: High levels of iron can destroy your property and create a bad taste. -Nitrates: Nitrates can cause developmental issues. -Nitrites: Nitrites can cause developmental issues. -Chlorine Level: Chlorine can increase your risk of cancer. -Copper: High levels of copper can cause gastrointestinal issues and has been associated with liver damage and kidney disease. -Alkalinity: High levels of alkaline can cause gastrointestinal issues. -pH Test: High pH levels can cause plumbing and property damage. -Water Hardness: Water hardness can create a bad taste and cause property damage. This at-home test kit allows you to quickly and accurately test your drinking water. It works with well water, city/municipal water, tap, well water, residential drinking water, groundwater and spring water sources. The results are fast, most withi...

    • ASIN: B01DMF8SH6
    • Color: MultiColor
    • Brand: Test Assured
    • ASIN: B01DMF8SH6
    • UPC: 806800159319
    • Part No: cwa1000

  • Billions In Change

    • ASIN: B016BET49G
    • ASIN: B016BET49G

  • Chemical Guys HOL123 Complete Car Care Kit (14 Items), 112 fl. oz

    The Chemical Guys' complete car care kit empowers automotive enthusiasts worldwide to clean, restore, and protect their most treasured investments. This complete car care kit features every product the enthusiast or weekend warrior detailer needs to keep their car looking its very best start by washing away abrasive filth and dirt with Mr. Pink car wash Shampoo and the chenille microfiber wash mitt for a scratch-free shine. Blast away brake dust and restore deep gloss and shine to wheels, rims, tires, and brake parts with signature series wheel cleaner. Decontaminate paintwork and make it feel smooth as glass with the OG Yellow clay bar and synthetic clay lubber, then remove any pesky swirls and scratches with vss scratch & swirl remover. SHINE and protect paint, metal, and glass against pollution, UV sunlight, birds, and bugs with a good coat of Butter wet wax spread to perfection with the ufo foam applicator pads. Restore that just-waxed look with speed wipe quick detail spray to remove fingerprints, bird droppings, and light dirt in between full washes, and always wipe with the 3 included professional grade Premium microfiber towels for scratch-free wiping on any painted or polished surface. Finish off every detail by removing dust and fingerprints from dashboards, door panels...

    • ASIN: B01J588UL8
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • ASIN: B01J588UL8
    • UPC: 811339026650
    • Part No: HOL123

  • Kingshalor 5D Diamond Painting Full Drill Pink Rose Flowers in Vase Rhinestone Embroidery Dotz Kits Diamond Cross Stitch Pattern Picture Arts Craft Supply Home Wall Decor, 12x16in

    Kingshalor diy 5d diamond painting kits use super flash magic cube diamond, make more shining and vivid, easily Grab the light and catch your eyes, the high definition canvas have green glue on picture, don't cause any pollution,If you want a diamond painting kits, it is the best choice for you. How to start your diamond painting? 1, Find the corresponding number of the diamonds with reference to the table below the canvas. 2, Fill the point of the painting pen with right amount of painting diamond. 3, Stick the corresponding diamonds. 4, Stick the diamonds on to the corresponding canvas. 5, If you are not used to using the painting pen,you can choose to use the tweezers instead. 6, The rest of the diamonds can be put inside the valve bag. 7, Use book or your hand to press the diamonds to ensure it's firmly. Notice: 1, When you suddenly stop your diamond painting, please cover the transparent paper on the pictture to protect the glue from losing viscous. 2,Please use the red wax carefully. Package including: 1 x HD camvas 1 x Point diamond pen 1 x Cube diamond tray 1 x Red wax Diamonds bags

    • ASIN: B07QHSQB76
    • Color: Pink Rose: 12x16in
    • Brand: Kingshalor
    • ASIN: B07QHSQB76
    • UPC: 098185441886
    • Part No: c224

  • Pacon Corrugated Presentation Board Kit, 48"X36"

    This kit includes all the essential project materials in each package. Quick and convenient for any project.

    • ASIN: B00AZN4KO4
    • Color: WHITE
    • Brand: Pacon
    • ASIN: B00AZN4KO4
    • UPC: 800187935252
    • Part No: PAC3793