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  • Springfield Taylor, Model 98503, 42 Inch Snow Gauge Snow Measuring Stick With Snowflake Topper

    3.5', Snowflake Snow Gauge, Durable Powder Coated Steel Construction Is Weather Resistant, Large Easy To Read Numbers, Simple Snap Fit Assembly Packaged In 4 Pieces.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Taylor Precision Products
    • UPC: 752913173356
    • Part No: 98503

  • Fiberglass Innovations 665-10 Snow Pole Driveway Marker, 48-Inch with Reflective Tape, Hiviz Orange and Hammer Cap, Pack of 10

    The Dasco Pro snow pole is used to mark driveways, culverts, roadways, hazards and other areas. We offer a variety of different options, including a strip of highly reflective tape for 360-degree night time visibility. Markers feature a durable fiberglass rod, which will withstand the Elements and abuse but is flexible enough to bend and return to its original position. It will not bend out of shape like metal or aluminum markers. Dasco Pro, INC. Offers a broad range of forged hand tools used for carpentry, masonry and demolition. Our 89 year legacy brand incorporates time tested design, superior materials and distinguishing technology. Construction professionals, home improvement enthusiasts and hobbyists alike ask for Dasco Pro striking tools because quality tools equal quality work. Comes in a box containing 10 snow poles. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

    • ASIN: B01CU64RL4
    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Fiberglass Innovations
    • ASIN: B01CU64RL4
    • UPC: 641599000684
    • Part No: 665-10

  • 28"H Handcrafted Copper-Colored Snow Gauge Extension

    For areas heavily hit by snow, add the 28”H x 5”W extension to our 34”H x 5-1/2”W snow gauge (sold separately) so you can measure up to four feet . The shimmery copper and large numbers are easy to spot from the window when you don’t want to face the cold. Size: Extension 28"H x 5"W

    • ASIN: B004BB0D7E
    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Wind & Weather
    • ASIN: B004BB0D7E
    • UPC: 053648292412
    • Part No: RG6006

  • Blazer 381ODM-24 Orange 48-Inch Fiberglass Pole Reflective Driveway Marker - Pack of 24

    Blazer 381ODM-24 Orange 48-Inch Fiberglass Pole Reflective Driveway Marker - Pack of 24 is perfect for marking any area that needs special awareness. Great for marking driveways, parking lots and curbs for snow removal. Each staff is made of durable fiberglass and has a protective cap on top to prevent splintering when tapped in. The top 10-Inches of each marker is wrapped with high visibility reflective tape making it visible from all angles. Blazer International is a leading provider of DOT, SAE, FMVSS108, Canadian CMVSS compliant, and approved vehicular lighting products for heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and RVs. With brands like Blazer, Axxent, BAJA Tough, and Radiant Effects; and over 50 years supplying vehicular lighting Blazer International has built a strong legacy of quality, value, and customer service. Blazer International is headquartered in Long Grove, IL.

    • ASIN: B0091OG8VQ
    • Color: 381ODM-24
    • Brand: Blazer International Trailer & Towing Accessories
    • ASIN: B0091OG8VQ
    • UPC: 028845381252
    • Part No: 381ODM-24

  • TrailBuddy Hiking Sticks - 2-pc Pack Adjustable Walking or Trekking Poles - Strong, Lightweight Aluminum 7075 - Quick Adjust Flip-Lock - Cork Grip, Padded Strap - (Bumblebee Yellow)

    TrailBuddy Trekking Poles (TM) offer the best combination of durable strength and lightweight portability in a complete set designed for the trekker's comfort and ease of use. Why use trekking poles? 1. Reduce impact of trekking or walking on knees, back, and hips 2. Increase speed, balance, and security 3. Get more traction and points of contact, crucial on muddy or steep terrains 4. Great walking aid if recovering from injury or have balance issues 5. Other uses: - Can deflect shrubbery or act as probe for puddles, quicksand, etc - Defense vs bears, other wildlife - Can double as tent poles Additional advantages of Aluminum 7075 While carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum, it does not perform very well under lateral pressure - common issues include snapping especially when it gets stuck on rocky terrain. Aluminum will not snap. It might bend under extreme pressure, but you can more likely bend it back and continue using it. Additional advantages of Lever Lock Aside from easy lengthening or shortening, poles with flip-locks can also be disassembled or reassembled easily. This is helpful if packing the trekking poles in a suitcase and shaving an inch or two off the assembled length is needed. With twist locks, it can be almost impossible to do this without breaking the pol...

    • ASIN: B072285D5L
    • Color: Bumblebee Yellow
    • Brand: TrailBuddy
    • ASIN: B072285D5L
    • UPC: 866069000340
    • Part No: 1A

  • Weathering Stick, Snow

    Tamiya offers by far the easiest way to achieve realistic finishing effects on your scale models with the Weathering Stick. Use glue-stick type container to simply paint mud or snow onto tank treads or rally car chassis. With no need for a brush or pallet, Tamiya?s Weathering Stick takes modeling simplicity to new heights. About the Stick: Each retractable stick holds 5mm of color, and Water soluble material can be wiped off model with a damp cloth.

    • ASIN: B000GKU9NC
    • Brand: Tamiya
    • ASIN: B000GKU9NC
    • Part No: 4950344870820

  • Iron 3 Ft Christmas Holiday Snowflake Snowfall Measuring Gauge - Black Metal

    Wrought Iron 3 ft Snowflake Snow Gauge :: Stake This gauge into your front or back yard to gauge your current snow fall without going outside. See our snowflake snow gauge in 3ft stakes and 2ft stakes. This product is completely USA made! Hand crafted with an iron finish in powder black. Product is sold individually.  No matter how frightful the weather gets outside, this little snow gauge will let you know just how much powder has fallen. Dress up your yard with this handy tool!  Lawn ornaments come in many shapes and sizes. Most of these feature a purely decorative design. However, if you want to spice up your yard with something useful, try these fun wrought iron snow gauges. The look will make your home unique among your neighbors, and everyone will adore your good taste! Even if you own minimal black wrought iron décor, this 3 foot tall snow gauge will look wonderful. The black powder finish goes with any outdoor color scheme or style. The center features a basic black pole that can be planted in the ground. On either side, bold numbering alternates all the way to the top! The opposite end is adorned in a playful wrought iron snow flake. The entire piece measures 4 and a half inches wide for easy depth reading, no matter how much snow has fallen. Each metal snow gauge i...

    • ASIN: B00IEZ3PEQ
    • Color: flat black
    • Brand: IronWorks
    • ASIN: B00IEZ3PEQ
    • UPC: 731000015496
    • Part No: 4316409164

  • 51 Inch 3 Foot Snowman Snow Gauge

    This gorgeous 51 inch 3 foot snowman snow gauge has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! 51 inch 3 foot snowman snow gauge is truly remarkable. 51 inch 3 foot snowman snow gauge details: condition: brand new item Suk: SS-VWI-SG-175-M

    • ASIN: B019P1SGGE
    • Color: brown
    • Brand: Village Wrought Iron
    • ASIN: B019P1SGGE
    • UPC: 604414039702
    • Part No: SS-VWI-SG-175-M

  • Alafen Replacement Rubber Tips Set for Trekking Poles-4 Paris Heavy-Duty Durable Feet Paws Tips Snow Baskets for Hiking Poles/Walking Sticks

    What you get:A set of rugged vulcanized rubber tips perfect for nordic walking, street walking, beach walking, trail hiking, or anywhere you don't want your metal tips hitting a hard surface.Several Option For You:Option one:4 PAIRS IN A SET:Two large shock-absorbing paws,Two Large shock-absorbing foot and Four traction walking tipsOption two:4 PCS IN A SET:Four large shock-absorbing paws walking poles tipsOption three:4 PCS IN A SET:Four Large shock-absorbing foot trekking poles tipsOption four:8 PCS IN A SET:8 PCS Round walking poles tipsOption Five:8 PCS IN A SET:8 PCS walking poles tipsOption Six:8 PCS IN A SET:6 PCS walking poles tips and 2PCS Snow BasketsProtect Your Trekking Pole Invest:By using these rugged replacement trekking pole tips you are not only making your trek more enjoyable, but you are protecting the metal tips of your expensive hiking poles. Why would you spend $60+ on poles only to ruin the tips after miles and miles of hiking? Protect that invest with our replacement tips for only a few bucks. These Replacement Tips Designed fit for most popular brands trekking poles

    • ASIN: B07D9QZHQ4
    • Color: Snow&Tips
    • Brand: Alafen
    • ASIN: B07D9QZHQ4
    • UPC: 607885714413
    • Part No: USTrekpart004-8pcs-Snow&Tips

  • VictoryStore Snow Gauge- Snowman Snow Gauge Measure The Height of Snow On Your Lawn 28.5"x36.9" Includes 3 EZ Stakes

    Our snow gauge for yard is a great way to measure the amount of snowfall for the winter. Made from durable corrugated plastic, our chart measures 28.5"x36.9", and shows the measurements in inches, and feet. There are also half inch marks as well. Includes 3 ez stakes for easy posting. Our signs are printed on recyclable corrugated plastic and we use inks that are titled eco-friendly inks for screen printing signs. You will see a recycling symbol at the bottom of all our signs. Our company is located in a school that was shut down, not new construction taking more Iowa farmland out of production. We have maintained the facility so that it continues to be used by community youth groups for recreational activities. And our facility emits no significant levels of pollution in our manufacturing process. Our commitment to customers is simple: Customer service is paramount, we aren't happy until our customers are happy. We will always make a real human available to you by calling our office during standard business hours. We will strive to provide an affordable, fair price for our products. Finally, we will always work to provide a product that exceeds customer expectations for price and delivery time. was founded by Steve and Kelli Grubbs and is still a family business...

    • ASIN: B07KX5CZ19
    • Color: multi
    • ASIN: B07KX5CZ19
    • UPC: 689247553328