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  • Meterk Digital Clamp Meter 6000 Counts TRUE RMS NCV AC/DC Voltage Auto Range AC Current Clamp Multimeter Capacitance Resistance Frequency Temperature Measure (Black Digital Clamp Meter)

    Specifications:Max. allowable voltage between terminals and earth ground: 1000V DC or 750V ACSafety Class: 600V CAT Ⅲ, pollution class Ⅱ CESampling Speed: approx. 3 times / secondAC Current Range and Accuracy(A): 6A/60A/600A ±(2.5%+10)AC Current Range and Accuracy(A): 6A/60A/600A ±(2.5%+10)AC Current Resolution: 0.001A/0.01A/0.1AAC Voltage Range and Accuracy(V): 6V-60V ±(1.0%+5), 600V ±(1.2%+5)AC Voltage Resolution: 0.001V/0.01V/0.1VDC Voltage Range and Accuracy(V): 6V/60V/600V ±(1.0%+5)DC Voltage Resolution: 0.001V/0.01V/0.1VFrequency Range and Accuracy(V): 99.99Hz/999.9Hz/9.999kHz ±(1.5%+5)Frequency Resolution: 0.01Hz/0.1Hz/0.001kHzResistance Range and Accuracy(Ω): 600Ω/6KΩ/60KΩ/600KΩ ±(0.8%+3), 6MΩ/60MΩ ±(1.2%+3)Resistance Resolution: 0.1Ω/0.001KΩ/0.01KΩ/0.1KΩ/0.001MΩ/0.1MΩCapacitance Range and Accuracy(F): 9.999nF/99.99nF/999.9nF/9.999μF/99.99μF/999.9μF ±(3.0%+5), 9.999mF ±(5.0%+5), 99.99mF No DefinedCapacitance Resolution: 0.001nF/0.01nF/0.1nF/0.001μF/0.01μF/0.1μF/0.001mF/0.01mFTemperature Range and Accuracy: -50~1000℃ (-58~1832℉) ±(1.0%+2)Temperature Resolution: 1℃(1℉)Duty Ratio Range and Accuracy: 0.1-99.9% ±3.0%Duty Ratio Resolution: 0.1%Continuity Test: 0.1ΩNCV: >1000V AC VoltageMax Clamp Opening Size: 36mm / 1.42inMax Me...

    • ASIN: B073Y162BZ
    • Color: Black Digital Clamp Meter
    • Brand: Meterk
    • ASIN: B073Y162BZ
    • UPC: 728619822362
    • Part No: MK05

  • UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter

    The PHOENIX Clamp-On Meter series starts with the DL369, the perfect meter for contractors who need basic features without all the extras. Great for general troubleshooting and electrical maintenance, this isn't just a stripped down model, the PRIME is a fully functional tough meter made to get the job done

    • ASIN: B0038ZQI1E
    • Brand: UEi Test Instruments
    • ASIN: B0038ZQI1E
    • UPC: 053533505733
    • Part No: DL369 Phoenix Prime

  • Supco MFD10 Digital Capacitor Tester with LED Display, 0.01 to 10000mF Range, 5% Accuracy

    High quality - low price - simple to operate | Pocket size | LED readout | Gives the capacitance value on start and run capacitors from .01 to 10,000 MFD | Checks for open and shorted capacitors | Checks run, start and DC Electrolytic capacitors | Includes carry case | Power - 4AA batteries (not included) | 4-1/2"H x 2-5/8"W x 1-3/8"D - Manufacturer: Supco.

    • ASIN: B000LDF97U
    • Color: 1
    • Brand: Supco
    • ASIN: B000LDF97U
    • UPC: 687152020935
    • Part No: MFD10

  • Excelvan M6013 Digital Auto Ranging Capacitance Meter Capacitor Tester Professional 0.01pF to 470000uF

    Please Note: ❶Accuracy may be affected by the test lead's length and distance, especially for testing pF small capacitance. Shortest test lead is recommended, and be careful the surrounding EMI or RF noise may affect the pF reading. ❷Please discharge the capacitor before testing. You can use a screwdriver to short circuit or series with a resistor around 10ohm and short for 5 to 10s. There is one fast zener diode inside the meter to prevent high voltage, but it is important to discharge the capacitor firstly as it has large surge current and voltage, which may damage the meter. One Key Zero: ❶OPEN circuit the test leads terminal. ❷Press then release the "ZERO" button, LCD shows "ZERO" and wait the zero disappear. ❸If using the meter array socket, need to OPEN circuit to set zero, too. Running Average: ❶It will start running average automatically if the capacitance reading become stable and user can get reading more accurately. ❷During running average it will show "AVG" at right bottom LCD or it will show raw data icon "RAW". ❸If want to get higher accuracy reading, take the reading during AVG display. Specification: ●Accuracy: Up to 1% ●High Resolution: 5 digit ●Measuring Voltage: 80 Hours Package Included: ●1x Excelvan Digital Capacitance Meter ●1x Pair...

    • ASIN: B009CSR8BA
    • Brand: Excelvan
    • ASIN: B009CSR8BA
    • UPC: 639713718263
    • Part No: M-60-13

  • LCD Digital Meter XC6013L Capacitance Capacitor Tester mF uF Circuit Gauge Capacitance Meter Tester

    Capacitance Range 200pF ±2% 2000pF 20nF 200nF 2uF 20uF 200uF 2000uF 20mF Package Includes: 1 x capacitor meter 1 x probes 1 x user manual 1 x battery

    • ASIN: B00AF1UF2M
    • Brand: NEWCASON
    • ASIN: B00AF1UF2M
    • UPC: 504534250943
    • Part No: na

  • Proster Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter 6000 Counts and 2000uF Digital Multimeters Meter Amp Ohm Volt Meter Multi Tester with Capacitance Test and Temperature Measurement

    Proster VC99 3 5/6 digital multimeter holds functions of measuring DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, duty cycle, transistor, diode, and continuity, etc. It also can provide special functions including analog bar, unit symbol display, data holding, relative value measuring, maximal/minimal value measuring, auto/manual range switching (RANGE), auto power off and warning alarm. Specification: DCV: Range: 600mV/6V/60V/600V Accuracy:±(0.5%+3) /1000V Accuracy: ±(0.8%+3) ACV: Range: 6V/60V/600V/ Accuracy: ±(0.8%+5) /750V Accuracy: ±(1.0%+5) DCA: Range: 600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA Accuracy:±(1.0%+3) /6A/20A Accuracy: ±(2.0%+5) ACA: Range: 600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA Accuracy:±(1.2%+5) /6A/20A Basic accuracy: ±(2.0%+10) Resistance: 600Ω Accuracy:±(8%+5) /6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ Accuracy:±(0.8%+3) /60MΩ Basic accuracy: ±(1.2%+5) Capacitance: 40nF Accuracy:±(3.5%+10)/400nF/4uF/40uF Accuracy:±(2.5+5)/400uF/2000uF Accuracy: ±(5.0%+8) Frequency: 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz/100kHz/1MkHz/60MHz Basic accuracy: ±(0.5%+4) Continuity test: Approx less than 30Ω± 10Ω Low battery indication: Approx less than 2.4V Auto power off: Approx 15minutes Diode test: Yes hFE test: Yes Duty cycle measuring: Yes Data hold: Yes Analog bar: Yes Function protect: Yes Input impendenc...

    • ASIN: B00EYYJRC0
    • Color: 6000 3 5/6
    • Brand: Proster
    • ASIN: B00EYYJRC0
    • UPC: 753807580335
    • Part No: FBA_PST99

  • Tekpower MY64 Multimeter With AC & DC Current @ 20A,Capacitance, Frequency,Tmeperature, Transistor Test & More

    This MY64 is an Updated model from previous Mastech My64, which is popular in the last 20 years. It comes with everything old MY64 has, but better in accuracy and resolution. The new Chip makes self calibration by itself and it is better in aspects. Specifications: DC Voltage: 200mV-2V-20V-200V-100V AC Voltage:2V-20V-200V-750V Frequency: 20Khz Resistance: 200-2K-20K-200K-2M-20M-200M Ohms Diode: Overload protection: 250AC AC RMS Continuity: Audible at 50 Ohms Transistor: hFE 0-1000 Capacitance: 20nF-200nF-2uF-200uF Temperature: -20°C-0°C, 1°C-400°C, 401°C-1000°C DC Current: 2mA-20mA-200mA-20A AC Current: 20mA-200mA-20A To see the accuracy and resolution, please contact us for a pdf manual book before you buy if you have any questions. We take care of customer as friends!

    • ASIN: B00ZE10H9O
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tekpower
    • ASIN: B00ZE10H9O
    • Part No: MY64

  • Fluke T5600 Electrical Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester

    600V Electrical Testers let you check voltage, continuity and current with one compact tool. With the T5, all you have to do is select volts, ohms, or current and the tester does the rest. OpenJaw current lets you check current up to 100A - without breaking the circuit. Its tough test leads stow neatly in the back of the tester, making it easy to tote the T5 in your tool pouch. Detachable SlimReach test probes are customized for national electrical standards. The test leads accept optional accessories such as clips and specialty probes. The optional H5 holster lets you clip the T5 onto your belt. Rugged enough to withstand a 10-foot (3m) drop. The T5 meets safety category: UL, CSA, CE, VDE. 600V AC/DC Voltage. 100A AC Current. Continuity: less than 25 ohms. 1000 ohms Resistance. 45 to 66 Hz Calibration Frequency. 0.5" Jaw Capacity. 1000 counts. Auto ranging, audible continuity, data hold and auto power off features. LCD display. AC current accuracy: +/- 1.5 percent + 2 Digits. 14 to 122 Degrees F Operating Temperature. (2)AA Batteries. Safety Rating: CAT III 600V. Batteries and instructions included.

    • ASIN: B0006Z3GZU
    • Color: T5-600 Electrical Tester
    • Brand: Fluke
    • ASIN: B0006Z3GZU
    • UPC: 959690531298
    • Part No: T5600

  • MAXRUN 45+5 MFD uf 370 or 440 Volt VAC Round Motor Dual Run Capacitor for AC Air Conditioner Condenser - 45/5 uf MFD 440V Straight Cool or Heat Pump - Will Run AC Motor and Fan - 1 Year Warranty

    SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE MAXRUN 45/5 MFD 370/440 VOLT CAPACITORThe Capacitor Size is 2 3/8" in diameter by 4.0" in height and will run from -40 C. to +70 C. It is safety rated at 10,000 AFC.This Capacitor is designed for 440 Volts which means it will work at 370 or 440 VAC. A dual run capacitor, such as this 45/5, combines two capacitors into one unit. It will power a compressor motor and a fan motor, and has three terminals on the top. They are labeled "Herm" for the compressor motor, "Fan" for the fan, and "C" for the common line.Run Capacitors work hand in hand with Electric Motors that power the compressors and condensers that make air conditioning work. For this purpose, the Capacitor works the same way as a battery. It stores and releases a large charge very quickly. This released charge gives the motor the spin it needs to start and run correctly.As Air Conditioning Capacitors age, they lose their ability to hold a charge and get weaker.As the capacitor gets older, the motor may get louder and seem to run slower. If replaced before they get weaker, its possible to lengthen the life of the motor. Eventually, the capacitor will get too weak to start the motor and if the motor can't start, it can short out. Timely replacement of the capacitor is essential to Air Conditioning Ma...

    • ASIN: B0753YGNGB
    • Brand: MaxRun Capacitors
    • ASIN: B0753YGNGB
    • UPC: 866822000419
    • Part No: 45+5 MFD 370 or 440 VAC

  • Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, Yome 19-in-1 60w Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch, Digital Multimeter, 5pcs Soldering Iron Tips, Desoldering Pump, screwdriver, Tweezers, Stand

    Yome Soldering Iron Kit is easy to use and suitable for beginners. If you like DIY or need to repair small parts, this soldering iron will do the job for you and is your best choice. Rest assured that our soldering iron can meet your requirements, because Yome offers a lifetime warranty, return, and refund policy to our customers forever. If you are dissatisfied with the purchase of Yome soldering iron, you can refund it at any time, which is no loss to you. Note: When measuring battery voltage, the range switch must be turned to DC 20V (top left corner). Please note that 1.5V and 9V (top right corner) is used to test current of corresponding battery. Package Includes: 1 x Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron with ON/OFF Switch 1 x Desoldering Pump 5 x Soldering Tips 1 x Tin Wire Tube 1 x Soldering Iron Stand 1 x Tweezers 1 x Wire Stripper Cutter 2 x Electronic Wires 1 x Multimeter 2 x Multimeter Pens 1 x Battery 1 x Screwdriver 1 x PU Carry Bags Warm Tips: 1. Remove the multimeter back cover to insert the AAA battery. (Battery included) 2. Please be really careful when you are using the tools, to avoid injuries. 3. The iron heats up fast, so please select a suitable temperature. Working for long hours with high temperature may shorten the life of the product. 4. Do not allow the ...

    • ASIN: B07H9RLBR1
    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Yome
    • ASIN: B07H9RLBR1
    • UPC: 696177812548
    • Part No: .

  • Power Acoustik PCX-5F 5-Farad Digital Capacitor

    • ASIN:
    • Model: PCX-5F
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 11.00in. x 9.00in. x 3.00in.