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  • Import Veg Tan Tooling Cowhide Single Shoulder 5-7 oz 4-6 Sqft

    This listing is for a vegetable tan cowhide leather single shoulder, will be between 4-6 square feet and are between 5 oz to 7oz. This leather is imported from Brazil and is c/d grade ( #2 ). You can expect some blemishes, imperfects, but mostly clean from scars, brands, or bug bites. This leather is ideal for any project that does not require Hermann Oak, E/C, or Wickett & Craig brand. This leather takes water, stamps, tools, and takes dye. Please see our pictures, the quality is consistent to what you see across all single shoulders. If you have any questions please let us know! Thank you!

    • ASIN: B07MKLH7ZY
    • Color: Natural
    • Brand: Tandy Leather Factory
    • ASIN: B07MKLH7ZY
    • UPC: 098834030362
    • Part No: 9052-43

  • Import Tooling Veg Tan Single Cowhide Leather Shoulder 8/9 oz.4-6 SQF

    • UPC: 645685775197
    • Part No: sepici2018

  • Veg Tan Tooling Leather 2.0mm Full Grain Stiff Cowhide Handmade DIY Art Crafts Carving Firm Genuine Leather

    Natural Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Tooling Leather:Material : Natural Van Tan Genuine Leather Color: Natural Beige Thick: 2.0mm Size:6"x6", 6"x12", 10"x10", 12"x12", 12"x24" and 24"x24" Optional Application: Great for Arts, Crafts, Tooling, Stamping, Sewing, Carving Properties, Hobby Workshop NATURAL, DURABLE, THICK LEATHER:Made with the highest quality leather,this full Grain Leather is thick, durable and perfect for your Tooling Carving, Carving, Upholstery, Arts, Craft and molding. Also can be used for Crafting or Reinforcing Guitar Straps, Rifle slings, Gun holsters, Sheaths, Belts, Knife Sharpening Strops, Luggage Tags, Wallets, Stamping Inserts, Wall Hangings, Holsters and much more. IMPERFECTIONS LIKE HOLES OR MARKS: This leather is the highest in quality that you can find, this is Full Grain, high-quality leather. Any marks that do exist are due to bites, scratches or cuts that the cow endured during its life in the fields. * There maybe a slight color difference due to the the light effect, the margin error from the camera and the computer screen settings.

    • ASIN: B07MTK79MD
    • Color: Apricot-2.0mm
    • Brand: Jeereal
    • ASIN: B07MTK79MD
    • UPC: 650728276661
    • Part No: QYVTSL

  • Import Vegetable Tan Cowhide Tooling Leather 8-9oz Pre-Cut (24"x24")

    If the leather piece you receive is lighter than you desire, you can set it outside in the sunlight for an hour or two at a time until correct patina color is achieved!

    • ASIN: B01M27PBG9
    • Color: tan
    • Brand: Milton Sokol & Co.
    • ASIN: B01M27PBG9
    • UPC: 636123147348
    • Part No: h24x24

  • Leather Side Veg Tan Split Medium Weight 20+ Sf

    A Great Deal on Good Quality Leather! Natural Undyed Veg Tan Cowhide Splits: In the tanning process, when veg tan topgrain sides are processed, the underpart of the side (known as the split) is separated and sold separately. Grainy on both sides, sides are medium weight (ranging approximately between 3 to 4 ounce) with pleasantly firm hand. (This is NOT topgrain tooling leather with a smooth side; please see our other listings for topgrain veg tan tooling leather for that product). Each side is approximately 20+ SF; they are a natural light tan color, and are relatively even in thickness and consistency for splits. A lot of great leather for the money!! Costs way more on the open market, if you can find it... We have shipped hundreds of these sides to happy customers all over the country. Great for knife sheaths, pet toys, key fobs, straps, mocassins, shoe insoles, chaps, Native American crafts, rugged looking vests, belt and purse linings, shop aprons, fringes and trims, garment applications; inlays, repairs, pillow backings, patches, woodburnings, scout crafts, and a thousand other uses... Please note: We have quite a few of these sides; they are excellent quality, but vary in size and shape, as all side leather does; Buyer will get one side approximately 20+ SF similar t...

    • ASIN: B006T0391W
    • Brand: Dangerous Threads
    • ASIN: B006T0391W
    • UPC: 780558946417

  • #2 Vegetable Tan Import Cowhide Leather Strip 8/9 oz (1"x50")

    Vegetable tanned cowhide tooling leather strips cut from our Import double shoulders. They are fantastic for belts, straps, handles, harnesses, and much more! May contain some grain breakage, fat wrinkles, bite or range mark, etc.

    • ASIN: B01MG885XN
    • Brand: Springfield Leather Company
    • ASIN: B01MG885XN
    • UPC: 636123147430
    • Part No: 100-

  • Natural Vegetable Veg Tan Cowhide Leather #2 Belt Strip 1-1/2" 8/9 oz

    • ASIN: B07NZ249D6
    • Brand: Stonestreet Leather
    • ASIN: B07NZ249D6
    • UPC: 794020097057
    • Part No: BSC-2

  • Vegetable Tanned Leather for Tooling Stamping Carving - 12" x 12" - 8/9oz -" Full Grain" - Veg Tan Cowhide Leather for Making Holsters Knife Sheaths Coasters. Easy to Emboss Stamp and Tool

    We are please to offer our Economy Vegetable Tan Leather Pre-Cuts. Our pre-cuts are cut from C/D Grade Cowhides imported from South America. Because this is economy leather you can expect imperfections. You are likely going to have to work around bug bites, scar, or range marks. The tannery we source the leather that we use for these pre-cuts is located in Brazil. Tanneries around the world are unique to their own tanning method and culture. You will notice this leather is pale and almost white, that is because this tannery uses an accelerator to speed the tanning process up. Traditional vegetable tan leather tanning can take well over 30 days to complete. The demand for vegetable tan leather has increased and so has the need to speed the process up. The solution that this leather is soaked in does just that and that is what causes the leather to be whiteish as a result. Don't let the color fool you, this leather takes water, tools wonderfully, burnishes effortlessly, and take dye beautifully. You are certain to find the right size for your project, because we offer seven different pre-cuts in seven traditional weights and thickness. Ideal for a whole range of finished leather goods such as gun holsters, knife sheaths, key fobs, coasters, mouse pads, small travel bags, cigar roll...

    • ASIN: B07NJ565NK
    • Brand: Stonestreet Leather
    • ASIN: B07NJ565NK
    • UPC: 794020097453
    • Part No: KPC6x12

  • Vegetable Tanned Leather Tooling Strips from LEATHER ALTERNATIVE Veg Tan Cowhide Leather for Making Belts Easy to Emboss Stamp and Tool 8/9oz. - 1 1/2" WIDE x 48"+ LONG - Good Luck on Your Project!

    VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER BELT STRIPS Take your Craftsman Ideas to the next Level!!!! - Are you tired of having to keep checking for healed scars, brand marks and breaks on the leather you've bought in the past? - Are you ready to take you craftsmanship ideas to a whole new level? - Don't you think that belt styles are becoming more and more repetitive and boring every single day?***INTRODUCING LEATHER ALTERNATIVE's VERY OWN PREMIUM LEATHER FOR BELT MAKING*** This beautiful piece of leather will make you "THE BELT WIZARD" We are here to guide you to make the right choice for you belt making needs - Cut from Premium Imported Double Shoulders or Butts - Free from healed scars, brand marks and range scratches, but tick or fly bites may be present. NO HOLES. - 8/9oz. Thick to provide sturdiness and durability without jeopardizing suppleness and flexibility. Quality control is done in our warehouse before it leaves for our distribution center. You are backed by our 90 day satisfaction guarantee (if item is not worked on), or your money back. Stock is limited. Items are flying off the shelves. Take advantage of this special price offer. Inventory won't last!! Make sure you click the buy button now...

    • ASIN: B071VDY6HL
    • Brand: Leather Alternative
    • ASIN: B071VDY6HL
    • Part No: LA-NA01

  • Springfield Leather Company's Full Grain Veg Tan Double Shoulder's (4-6ft, Craftsman Grade)

    Grade C, Natural Color, Veg Tan Cowhide Single Shoulders. 7/9 oz, averaging 4-6 sq ft.Great for making holsters, knife sheaths, dog collars, etc.These may contain tic marks, fat wrinkles, brands, range marks, etc. These are craftsman grade leather, so they will have some imperfections. Each shoulder may be different in shape, color tone, etc. The picture is for example purposes only!

    • ASIN: B01M7XVD5D
    • Color: Craftsman Grade
    • Brand: SLC
    • ASIN: B01M7XVD5D
    • UPC: 636123147461
    • Part No: 911-65892

  • Genuine Cowhide Leather Credit Card Holder with Outside ID Window Trifold Wallet 1355 CF (C) Tan

    • ASIN:
    • Model: genuine-cowhide-leather-credit-card-holder-with-ou
    • Color: TanBrown